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Proactive PR Produces Better Results

By Jason Mudd
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  1. 5 Things AT&T Should Have Done After Nationwide Outage
  2. OpenAI unveils Game-changing Text-to-Video Tool, Sora.
  3. 60-Second Close: Proactive PR is a Must





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1. 5 Things AT&T Should Have Done After Nationwide Outage

  • Any crisis is an opportunity to win trust through active communication and appropriate responses. After AT&T Wireless’ recent nationwide coverage outage, PR practitioners can learn five valuable lessons about managing crisis communication. 
  • Here’s what AT&T (and your organization) should do in crises: 1. Transparent and timely communication is essential; 2. offer quick and accessible assistance; 3. provide financial or other consideration; 4. conduct post-incident analysis; and 5. take proactive measures to prevent a similar incident.
  • Although the giant cellular service provider offered $5 reparations after the outage, corporate comm pros should watch closely and monitor how the response is received.

2. OpenAI unveils Game-changing Text-to-Video Tool, Sora.

  • OpenAI unveiled Sora, the newest edition to the AI content-generating landscape. The new text-to-video AI uses prompts to generate high-definition short films with remarkable realism. 
  • Though there are some concerns with AI-generated videos, the potential PR uses could be game-changing. Communication pros could use this software to generate content more quickly. 
  • Save time and money by leveraging Sora’s capabilities in your PR tactics. This AI advancement could revolutionize the PR landscape as it evolves.

60-Second Close: Proactive PR is a Must

  • The introduction of Sora denotes the power of leveraging the latest developments to your advantage. The best PR strategists incorporate new ideas and innovative resources for their clients. 
  • The lessons learned from AT&T's crisis communication demonstrate the necessity of proactive PR strategies. Every company should have a PR plan for crisis communication and effective response tactics in a crisis. 
  • As PR innovators, Axia remains vigilant and proactive in PR. Our expert team strives to be on the cutting edge to leverage the latest methods for our clients. Touch base with us to see how we can assist you.

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