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How to create a Wikipedia page that passes the notability test

4 tips to make your Wiki page stick


While the task of creating a Wikipedia page for your company might be daunting, having Wikipedia deem your page notable is the real struggle. Notability guidelines are possibly the most subjective part of Wikipedia. Remember, just because you’re pleased with what you’ve written doesn’t mean Wiki will verify it. There are several rules of thumb to follow to ensure your Wikipedia page stays up and gets the attention it deserves.

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Why isn’t my company listed on Wikipedia?

3 important requirements that you must meet to have a Wiki page

In the effort to promote your company and build your brand, it’s vital to use every tool at your disposal. You may have noticed that many companies are achieving online success and recognition from Wikipedia, and you may wonder why your company isn’t listed. Perhaps more importantly, should it be?


Not too long ago, Wikipedia had a questionable reputation and often contained many factual errors. The reliability and trustworthiness of the site has improved significantly. Now, Wikipedia for business has become an effective part of marketing, branding and converting customers.


However, getting your company listed on the site isn’t as easy as you might think. With help from a quality PR firm, you can learn how to take advantage of this site and use it as part of your overall outreach strategy.

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How to get your company on Wikipedia

6 steps to earn a Wikipedia article for your organization

A Wikipedia article is an effective way to spread the word about your company and keep people informed about it. Google often uses Wikipedia summaries at the top of its search results, which is great coverage for your company. So, how exactly does one get a Wikipedia page? There are several tough guidelines with which you must comply before moderators will allow your company to appear on Wikipedia.

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Should PR professionals write your company’s Wikipedia pages?

Learn how to use this tool for maximum advantage


You strive to deliver accurate messages about your company. This helps to improve your reach, online reputation and brand. One important site that consumers turn to for information is Wikipedia, billed as the free encyclopedia, but your company doesn't have a Wikipedia page.


Companies frequently ask their PR firm to write Wikipedia articles on their behalf. Some have even hired PR professionals to edit Wikipedia pages to delete negative information and make the company look better than it is. If this is something you have considered as well, read on to learn why this is not a good idea.

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