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How to manage page roles on your company's Instagram Page

The quick, step-by-step guide to adding administrators to your company's Instagram page


Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms out there. Because of Instagram’s reach, it’s wise to promote your company on it. To use it efficiently, you’ll need to give your content managers access to your account. Content managers might be your internal employees or perhaps your social media agency. And how do you do this without sharing your login information with your social media helpers? Follow along to see how you can add different page roles to your Instagram account.

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4 communication strategies successful insurance companies use to connect with their target audience

Effective communication fosters solid relationships and ensures customers fully understand your products and processes – naturally, it is a vital part for all players in the insurance industry.


However, only a handful of carriers take this seriously by employing effective communication strategies with their clients. 

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Top 10 advertising and marketing topics to watch with Allison Fitzpatrick

In this episode, Allison Fitzpatrick from Davis+Gilbert LLP joins host Jason Mudd to discuss the top 10 advertising topics to look out for. Tune in to learn more about NFTs, cannabis marketing, children’s advertising and privacy, sponsorships, endorsements, NIL, environmental marketing, automatic renewal, made-in-the-USA claims, and automatic renewal.

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Should your company use metaverse influencers?

Whether virtual or traditional, influencers can help sell your brand if you partner with them effectively


For years, influencer marketing has been a mainstay of reliable social media marketing strategies. However, the recent introduction of the metaverse is beginning to open up an entirely new frontier for influencer-based marketing. By embracing the virtual world of the metaverse, brands from Gucci to Microsoft have started to advertise in an environment that lends itself to a uniquely engaging consumer experience.

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What is Google Discover and why it matters to your company’s SEO

Google Discover may be the answer to improving your company’s SEO. The updated feed experience contributes to spikes in website traffic and is transforming the way to reach users.


Google Discover was launched in September 2018 as a feature on Google’s app. It is a feed that recommends content to users based on their search history. Google Discover came from a revamping of the previous Google Feed, where the suggested content was primarily headlines and meta descriptions. Discover now includes more visuals and evergreen content, with customizations available to create a user-friendly experience. Users can follow topics they are interested in and view similar topics.


Why does this matter for your company’s SEO?

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“I don’t know what PR is, but I know we need it” – Breaking down the 5 Ws of public relations

“I don’t know what PR is, but I know we need it,” is a statement many business professionals find themselves making throughout their career. CNN says “anyone who pays attention to how decisions are influenced knows that PR is tremendously important” – so why is public relations at work so difficult to recognize? Like trying to assign a universal value to a work of art, public relations is quantified in various ways depending on an organization’s unique traits. To better understand what PR is, let’s break it down using the five Ws.

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How Forrester’s 2022 predictions affect strategic communication and PR

Analyzed through the scope of strategic communication, the guide tells brands how to stand out in light of new trends.


As we continue deeper into 2022 and the business landscape continues to change, Forrester Research released its annual predictions, titled “Disruptive Forces Necessitate Bold Decisions,” stating that “the new normal will be more new than it will be normal.” Forrester’s predictions are already evident in business and technology, so what may 2022 have in store for strategic communication and public relations? Below are several of Forrester’s predictions that hold big implications for the industry and provide

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3 surefire ways to increase your website’s domain authority

Search engine optimization is an essential part of increasing domain authority.


Domain authority is a metric used to measure how well your website will place in a given search. Domain authority, also called DA, was first developed by Moz and will rank your website from zero to 100 in terms of search engine placement. Understanding how to effectively increase your domain authority ranking through search engine optimization is essential for positioning your website at the top of a potential customer’s search results.

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What to do when your SEO ranking suddenly drops

Use these tips if you unexpectedly start ranking lower on search engine results pages. 


Search engines play a vital role in developing your brand. Your company experiences high growth when your rankings go up – more traffic, increased revenue, and higher brand awareness naturally come to you.


On the flip side, when your rankings drop, you are likely to experience a dip in both conversion and inquiries – something no B2B brand enjoys. If the latter part is bugging you lately, don’t panic. An abrupt drop in your website traffic can be remedied – investigate the issue to get things back on track.

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3 tips for getting started with social media influencers

Use these tips to create and maintain a positive relationship with influencers.


Social media influencers are becoming important to consumers, and their advice is affecting consumers’ purchasing decisions. According to a 2022 survey, 37% of consumers trust social media influencers more than brands. Reflecting this, Influencer Marketing Hub expected the social media influencer marketing industry to grow to $13.8 billion in 2021 and expects it to hit $16.4 billion in 2022.


The growing influencer market means now’s a great time to start working with an influencer to promote your company’s products or services. However, you’ll need some preparation before you get started in the world of social media influencers.

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Topics: online public relations, shared media, social media

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