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What does "native to the platform" mean for social media postings?

'Do you post the same content on every social media platform? Read this to change your mind. 


Imagine you’re at a bar with your friends, and you’re having quite a fun night with them. Now, can you behave the same with your clients? No, right? It’s the same with social media: You can’t bulk-share the same message across every social media platform you use for your brand.


When you adapt every piece of content you create to a specific platform, you enhance the chances of a specific post going viral. So, how do you do that? Let’s talk “native to the platform.”

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3 meta description mistakes to avoid, always

Meta descriptions offer insight into what your page offers without reading your story. Here’s how to leverage it. 


Meta descriptions are a direct search engine ranking page ranking signal. However, many writers and search engine optimization experts fail to give them the attention they deserve.


A properly optimized meta description plays a key role in attracting visitors from search engines to visit your website. They are summaries, almost like small ads, optimized to assure web surfers they are headed toward the right content, to drive more visitor action, and to increase your click-through rate. If you want your meta descriptions to act as a hook to drive user intent, you should first be aware of these three meta description optimization mistakes.

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Can social media marketing really help business?

Let's start with the truth: Social networks are no longer optional when running a successful company. Even if you own a small local shop, you must perform social media marketing now. 


Since every person carries smartphones and uses social media daily, social media marketing plays a vital role in the growth of your business.


Not a single social media marketing plan or idea? Do not worry! We have you covered. Read on if you want to know all about social media marketing, its benefits, and much more.

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Topics: online public relations, shared media, social media

Foundations of a strong portfolio

Develop a powerful portfolio to show your company’s value


Your portfolio is your company’s way of telling the world your services are proven to solve your customers’ needs. However, it’s easy to think creating a portfolio is simply gathering high-profile client results on one page to dazzle and impress potential customers. There’s more to your portfolio than making a fancy first impression.

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Why SEO is still important in 2022 and beyond

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the most controversial concept in digital marketing. With every Google algorithm update, there is always a new SEO dead trend. Nevertheless, SEO continues to be one of the most significant inbound marketing strategies.


There is no doubt that SEO has changed over the years. Keyword stuffing and link buying are all in the past. Why is SEO still important for business’ success, both present and future?

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2022: Marketing in the Metaverse

Axia’s 60-Second Impact

60 Seconds of Information Impacting You and Your Fast-Forward Economy


February 2022 – Monumental Digital Marketing Changes Impacting Your Organization


Brands must break the mold in order to reach today’s users where they’re at, which is increasingly in the digital space. Leading technology firms like Facebook have invested huge amounts in revolutionizing the digital experience, providing more opportunities to get your message straight into the *virtual* hands of your users. We’ll show you how the landscape is changing and give you tactics to stay ahead of the curve.

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Topics: PR tips, online public relations, 60-Second Impact

What PR pros need to know about passwords and cybersecurity awareness

Around 25% of corporate employees reuse passwords for all of their devices, logins, or accounts. Employees in corporate communications tend to use multiple websites and programs that require a password. While you might justify using the same password for those sites by saying it's better than forgetting them, thinking that way can compromise your personal and professional information. 

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Topics: online public relations, cybersecurity

Best SEO Practices for Website Page Descriptions

Many people think search engine optimization (SEO) is easy, but they forget the basics of optimizing a website. SEO is simple, but there are some ground rules you must follow to rank on top. 


According to sources, 57% of web traffic comes from Google, so optimizing your website page description is definitely worth it. Knowing the basics of SEO for website page descriptions can help you succeed if you have a limited understanding of the subject. 

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How to Use TikTok to Grow Your Company

Are you still on the fence about embracing TikTok as your newest digital marketing channel? If so, it might be time to take the leap and join the latest trend that’s taking the world and its biggest brands by storm. 


The videos created on TikTok garner an average of over 17 billion views every month, and your company needs that kind of exposure to grow.


TikTok is one of the fastest-growing social networks on the planet. It’s rapidly growing in popularity among trendy brands and young content creators aiming to expand their audiences, increase engagement, and reach millions of users with their content.

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Topics: online public relations, shared media, social media

How do Brands Utilize User-generated Content for Marketing?

Leverage the power of user-generated content to enhance your brand’s credibility and boost conversions.  


In an era where customers rave about products and services online, content marketing strategies need to focus more on user-generated content. 


The phrase user-generated content refers to the content that a brand’s customers create. Reviews, comments, and social media posts are a few examples of user-generated content. 

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