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Brand Distinction Vs. Collaboration

By Jason Mudd

A successful meeting.While every brand wants to distinguish itself from the competition, collaborative efforts may yield unexpected results. Though brand distinction and collaborations seem like opposite approaches, the confluence of Threads, Sperry, and Natty Light showcases the potential for success. 




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  1. Is Threads Already on the Out?
  2. Sperry and Natural Light Team Up
  3. 60-Second Close: Collaboration and Brand Distinction in Public Relations

1. Is Threads Already on the Out?

  • Threads, Meta Platforms’ recent microblogging app, initially saw a promising surge of 116 million users in early July. However, newly published data from the Wall Street Journal shows Threads' engagement rate is down 70%. The rapid decrease in usage has companies reconsidering pivoting to Threads.

  • Meta's newest app's criticism includes a lack of capabilities, an uninteresting platform, and a lack of available features. Meta asserts the dip in users is nothing to worry about, as they plan to add more features and increase the capabilities of the microblogging platform.

  • With Meta’s investment, Threads has a leg up on other startup platforms. Being backed by the social media behemoth, the microblogging app can take more time to develop and grow as Meta continuously invests in further features and updates. Meta executives say the primary focus is increasing engagement after the initial peak and valley it sees with every new platform. While engagement is down to a meager six minutes a day, Threads plans to increase this over time.

2. Sperry and Natural Light Team Up

  • An innovative, albeit unexpected, company team-up occurred when shoe manufacturer Sperry and beer brewing company, Natural Light, joined forces to create the “Brewzie,” a new take on the classic beer sleeve. While the idea of an upcycled beer koozie is trendy and eco-friendly, the surprising co-branding effort by two industry titans is even more compelling. With two distinct demographics, the collaboration between Sperry and Natural Light has sparked a surge of new prospects for divergent marketing strategies.

  • Collaborative efforts from Sperry and Natural Light include a social media competition in which fans of legal drinking age can have their used boat shoes reborn into the upcycled beer holder. The collective campaign also includes joint Instagram posts.

  • Though typically appealing to separate demographics, the two goliaths combined to create a unique, collaborative marketing campaign. By appealing to a larger audience in an unexpected and innovative way, Sperry and Natural Light maximize the potential of co-branding while creating a memorable product.

3. 60-Second Close: Collaboration and Brand Distinction in Public Relations

  • Public relations collaborative efforts, like Sperry and Natural Light, present exciting possibilities for future co-branding relationships. Taking a unique approach and appealing to multiple demographics can amplify your reach, build credibility, and enhance creative solutions.

  • Brand distinction is an essential aspect of public relations. Threads is making monumental efforts to distinguish itself from the leading competitor, X (formerly Twitter), by adding unique features and platform capabilities. By differentiating itself as an innovative platform, Threads promotes its brand recognition, enhances brand value, and fosters user loyalty.

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