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Captivating storytelling with Tim Pollard | On Top of PR podcast

If you’re part of the marketing department heads, public relations, and corporate communications leaders at a mid-market to enterprise size company and you’re looking for ways to improve your storytelling approach with the intention of increasing your organization’s sales, this week’s episode is the missing key that will unlock your business growth!



Tim founded Oratium in 2011. As CEO, he leads the ongoing development of Oratium’s intellectual property as well as leading all major client relationships. Tim has developed a remarkable insight into the science of designing and delivering extraordinary sales messaging.

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What Is The StoryBrand BrandScript Explanatory Paragraph?

Since we have a good idea of the StoryBrand BrandScript framework, it is imperative to get an idea of the BrandScript in action.


The explanatory paragraph is the BrandScript in a much longer and well-written form. It is a section that’s typically used on a company’s website to provide more information on the company.


The customer, who is the hero, has a natural concern to get an idea of who his guide is. Therefore, the explanatory paragraph for a moment sheds some light on the company by providing more details to the brand story.

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What Is The StoryBrand BrandScript One-Liner?

Are you aware that business owners and companies are sometimes unaware of how to properly introduce their brands? When presented with a question of what your company does, it is tempting to blurt out a direct, non-persuasive response.


The challenge with this is it doesn’t strike a note with customers because you might end up looking incompetent.


Thankfully, there is an art and a science to introducing one’s brand. That is the StoryBrand BrandScript one-liner.

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Why Your Company Needs The StoryBrand BrandScript Framework

Have you ever wondered why brands with excellent products and services sometimes record poor sales? The answer is simple: poor communication of your brand’s message.


In this post, we’ll discuss a revolutionary marketing tactic that makes optimal use of fundamental elements of human nature to help companies effortlessly get to the core of their brand message. Author Donald Miller developed this marketing framework, inspired by principles of storytelling called the StoryBrand 7 Part Framework. The “main character” of one’s branding and marketing is the customer, not the brand. The brand plays the role of the guide, leading the “main character” to success.

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News release engagement tips with Serena Ehrlich | On Top of PR podcast

Learn what you can be doing to increase your news release engagement and how you can use commercial newswires to your benefit with our guest Serena Ehrlich.



Our episode guest is Serena Ehrlich, director of product marketing at Business Wire. She is responsible for Business Wire’s go-to-market marketing strategy, including initiating consumer discovery, supervising product releases, developing market-oriented content, and creating thought leadership initiatives.

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Should PR pros be storytellers? with Carnival Cruise Line’s Chris Chiames | On Top of PR podcast

Learn why the word “storytellers” can have a negative connotation for PR pros with our guest Chris Chiames of Carnival Cruise Line.



Our episode guest is Chris Chiames, chief communications officer at Carnival Cruise Line.



The one with Chris Chiames of Carnival Cruise Line on PR pros as storytellers vs. conversationalists

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How to tell your company’s story with Alejandro Barbero | On Top of PR podcast

Learn how to tell your company’s story by involving employees with our guest Alejandro Barbero.



Our episode guest is Alejandro Barbero, director of strategic development and communications at Rayonier. He makes the complex simple and is constantly taking on new challenges. During his 25 years of global experience, he has taken businesses and teams to places they’ve never been.



Alejandro Barbero on why storytelling should come first in all your company communications

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Seven essential storytelling elements to grab your reader’s attention

From photography to sidebars, having multiple entry points only strengthens your story.


Telling an incredible story is only the first step to getting your audience interested. There are so many other factors that grab a reader’s attention and keep him or her engaged. These are called entry points because they are all elements that draw your audience in to learn more. Without these elements, your audience will leave the story just as quickly as they entered it, and your story will not have a lasting impact.

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