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StoryBrand BrandScript: Gives Them a Plan

By Bre Chamley

How to persuade your consumer to consider buying your products or services


A planner.You’ve gotten to the point where you’ve now developed a relationship with the consumer, and they aren’t ready to place an order yet. This is why you’ll have to give them a plan.


Even though the consumer has you guiding them and telling them your product or service’s mission, the consumer most likely feels “at risk” once you initiate an invitation to place an order. They may fear losing money, feeling tricked, or being disappointed. In response, they’ll start making excuses to not do business with you. This is when you develop a plan.


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StoryBrand recommends you use a simple three- or four-step plan. This plan can have several smaller steps in between the larger ones, but you want to keep it simple for your consumers because “if you confuse, you lose.” 


Example plan:

  1. Tell your goals!
    Set up a call with the consumer to understand what they need and what their company goals are. From there, create a custom plan based on their shared goals.
  2. The plan starts!
    Walk the consumer through the plan with your product or service, then begin putting that plan into action.
  3. Grow the company!
    Through a focused and data-based plan, the consumer will see growth in clients and customers and potential clients and customers.


That was a super simple and basic example plan. If you struggle with developing a plan for your product or services, take a look at our offered services to learn how we can help you develop a plan for your consumers! 


storybrand plan


The next step is to give your consumers a call to action. Read the next post in the series to learn how to implement calls to action, “StoryBrand BrandScript: Calls Them to Action.” Also, check out our strategy package, and bring StoryBrand BrandScript to your company to help convert more site visitors into not only customers, but fans.


New Call-to-action


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