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What are strategic insights?

How Axia deep dives into clients’ brand, consumers, and competition


When creating a communications, PR, or marketing strategy for a company, it can be tricky determining what the company needs help with and where/how it can improve.


Axia Public Relations’ strategic insights process is a tool we use for every client as a deep dive into the company’s brand, consumers (or buyers), and competitors. We start by asking the client three questions:

  • What are your top one to three business issues?

  • What are the one to three titles for your ideal target customers?

  • Who are your top three direct or largest competitors?

From there, we begin our initial research.

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How often should we meet with our PR agency?

A step-by-step guide to creating effective recurring meetings


Working with a PR agency requires regular communication and feedback. A good PR agency should strive to be an extension of your marketing team. It should keep you in the loop on marketing efforts to build awareness and brand identity for your company. But just how often should you be meeting with your PR agency?


Depending on the volume and urgency of a project, you might meet with your PR agency weekly, biweekly, or monthly. Every client is different. Larger programs or projects require more time and a higher frequency of meetings to strategize and coordinate.


You might meet more often at the beginning of your program to have your PR agency get familiar with your company and processes. But too many meetings can take up productive time that could be used more efficiently.

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Setting effective business goals

Understand how goals can help your company grow

Whether you’re planning for the next several weeks or several years, business goals are the key to growing your company. In order to reach your goals, you can’t just rely on blind hope; it takes both strategy and teamwork.

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3 outreach campaign metrics that will double your success

How to measure your strategy performance

Most companies focus their energy and resources on designing and implementing their marketing campaigns and underestimate the importance of measuring the results. It’s very important to understand that measuring your results will help you improve your future outreach campaigns.

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3 tips for an effective content strategy

How content can help your company thrive

For your company’s content strategy to be successful, it must result in content that educates your audience, establishes your authority in your industry, and increases your brand awareness. You need content that converts. How can you cut through the noise and draw attention to your brand?

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Template: Target audiences analysis for communication strategy

Download a complimentary template to help plan your public relations campaign

Identifying all your organization’s target audiences is a key step during communication planning. Target audiences are part of your PR plan’s inputs. You can use this tool for communication, marketing, and PR strategies because it identifies what specific audiences need and improves your company’s communication methods.

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