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The Great Media Shift

  1. Audiences Turning to Other Content During Height of Writers’ Strike
  2. Snapchat is Less Like Social Media and More like a Phone
  3. 60-Second Close: Public Relations is Driven By Personal Connections and Trust

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4 things journalists want you to know

Recently, I attended a PRSA chapter’s Media Roundtable event where 12 journalists from different outlets and backgrounds gathered to give insight and best practices to public relations professionals. While all journalists have their own preferred way for you to pitch them – and it depends if their outlet is print, online, or broadcast TV – there are some similarities that PR pros should know.

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How the public’s lack of trust in the media affects your company

3 ways your company can rise above the fray and maintain a positive image

According to the Knight Foundation, public trust in the media is at an all-time low. In a recent survey conducted with Gallup, the group dedicated to supporting quality journalism and engaging communities found some shocking facts. One surprising finding was that participants ranked newspaper and television news lowest, next to Congress, among major institutions they trust.

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2 reasons you should use both traditional media and social media to attract leads

There aren’t many people who read the newspaper at breakfast anymore. Most of us get the news from our phones through social media. However, traditional media – like newspapers and major news outlets – still hold value in our fast-paced, 24-hour news cycle. Social media curates content from many sources, including traditional media outlets. Its platforms are a dynamic medium that your company should use to share news as well as engage with current and future customers.

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Topics: media relations, media, shared media, earned media

What you need to know about media-monitoring platforms

4 steps to help you choose the best media-monitoring platform

Capturing media clips to share with clients is one way a public relations firm shows its success. What many PR firms struggle with is capturing all the media mentions for its clients. No media-monitoring service can capture every media clip or media mention. Some platforms can’t access certain sites, while Google Alerts may capture a clip before the provider. When choosing a media-monitoring platform, it’s important to use the provider that best fits your clients’ needs. Some popular platforms include Agility, Cision, BurrellesLuce, Meltwater and TrendKite.

Finding a media-monitoring platform isn’t easy as each platform offers something different. Here are four things you can do to ensure you choose the right platform for your company.

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Topics: public relations, media, earned media

Media coverage: Securing one for the wall

6 tips to help you obtain news coverage for your company

Public relations professionals should understand their clients aren't looking to put a news release in a frame on their wall. They want a cover story or great feature story to frame. So how do you make it happen? There’s no sure-fire way to earn that coveted feature story placement. However, there are some things you can do to help make the dream a reality.

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Never lie to a news reporter

4 tips a spokesperson can use to prepare for an interview

In the midst of an interview, sometimes it’s tempting to exaggerate to make your company look good. Perhaps you’re unprepared to answer the question, so you respond enthusiastically with a “fish tale.” Or, perhaps you’re attempting to “fake it before you make it.”

No matter the reason, you should never exaggerate or tell even the smallest lie. You’ll lose credibility and put your company’s future in danger. We’ve had one such client whose CEO embellished during an interview, and it didn’t turn out well. Learn from that company’s mistake so you can prevent it from happening to your company.

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The lure of fake news images

3 tips for spotting an altered photograph

Images can create very strong reactions and, in some cases, a significant viral stir. In the world of marketing, images are everything. They’re created, posed, colored and sized with the intent of stimulating emotion and a call to action. The new bane for journalists and readers alike is the spread of false images. How can you discern true images from the doctored ones?

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5 proven ways to earn coverage for your clients

Get your client published in no time following these simple steps

Media coverage is very important to your clients. It gives them brand recognition and connects them with their target audiences and potential investors. Getting media coverage is not always easy. Here are five suggestions that will help you get media coverage for your client.  

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Topics: media relations, media, public companies

Understanding designated market area (DMA) and how it impacts your company

Learn why the location of your company and customers mean so much for your visibility and brand position

When discussing media buys or target audience, your marketing team or public relations agency probably throws around terms like media region anddesignated market area (DMA). What do these things really mean for your business and bottom line? Understanding vital terms helps you make smarter, more informed decisions about what’s best for your business.

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Topics: media relations, public relations, media

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