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5 things you can learn from the Oscars about public relations

Get some of the same excitement and attention for your own company

The Academy Awards represent Hollywood’s biggest night. It’s a celebration of a year of movies that inspire, entertain, educate and explain the world around us. What you may not realize is that the Oscars also provide public relations lessons your company can use.

  1. Remember timing makes all the difference.

Although they create and release movies throughout the year, studios save their most buzz-worthy films for October through December so they can be fresh in the minds of the voting academy. They also seek media recognition for the film ahead of time, such as a nomination from the New York Film Critics.

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3 ways to spot fake news

If you see smoke, there is most definitely fire

With access to breaking news at any time day or night, you may find yourself uncertain whether what you see on your Twitter or Facebook feed is, in fact, news.

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Talking the talk: 3 reasons why media interviews are essential

Learn why news releases aren’t enough to truly engage with the media

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3 factors executives should consider before making political statements about Trump (or anyone else)

When executives voluntarily engage in hot topics trending in the media, particularly politics, they sometimes forget that their positions are not bully pulpits or soapboxes.

Often, dangerous roads lie ahead for alienating customers, stockholders and employees.

In cases where emotions run high and trigger a public reaction before public relations processes can be helpful, PR teams frequently find themselves rebounding from derision instead of working to promote success.

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Pitch perfect: Fall in love with your pitch

When pitch fatigue is imminent, try these tips to reboot

Anyone that has worked in public relations knows well that pitching the media is an acquired skill. Whether it’s for an automobile or printer or service such as a virtual front office, designing a pitch that internally compels you is a necessary first step – because if you love it, your genuine interest will serve to engage others.

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How to convince your CEO that media coaching is valuable

3 tactful ways to help top executives improve their communications skills

How often do you think a CEO will admit discomfort when dealing with press? Not often, given that successful executives want to project their keen knowledge and experience in business or leadership. But frequently, they are not communications experts. Because of this, many public relations professionals will find themselves frustrated when CEOs or key executives decline media coaching.

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4 reasons press conferences are overrated

Learn why reporters hate news conferences and what your company should do instead

In the movies, press conferences are shown with dozens of reporters shouting questions, flashing cameras and begging for more information, but they don’t always look that way in real life. When your company has big news to announce, invariably someone will suggest holding a press conference. Before jumping on the bandwagon, learn why press conferences are overrated and why you should choose another route.

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So you received great media coverage. Now what?

How to remarket the results of a public relations campaign and maximize ROI


Gaining positive coverage is great news and certainly a morale boost in that someone thinks you are doing a good job. But why leave it there? Just because you had a story published does not mean everyone has had a chance to see it. The very nature of word-of-mouth is that it is viral; but to get the ball rolling, it is in your organization's interest to actively ensure your message resonates with as many people as possible.

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The true value of earned media and PR

Learn the benefits of positive news coverage for your company

So, you are ready to hire a PR firm. However, like many companies, you may be unsure of exactly what a PR agency can do for you. Some of the biggest benefits come in the form of increased visibility, a boost in name recognition and improving your reputation. PR can do all those things by securing earned media.

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Why do most of your press releases fail?

PR explains what you need for increased media coverage

Your company has quite a bit going on. As a result, you send out dozens of press releases announcing events, highlighting initiatives and touting all your good work – only to have them wind up in the trash basket of every journalist you sent them to. What gives?

Attracting earned media is crucial for visibility, reputation building and brand recognition. Press releases are an important component, but there are right and wrong ways to use them. With help from PR, you can learn why most press releases fail and the differences between a good press release and a great one.

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