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So you received great media coverage. Now what?

By Axia Public Relations

37209367_s.jpgHow to remarket the results of a public relations campaign and maximize ROI


Gaining positive coverage is great news and certainly a morale boost in that someone thinks you are doing a good job. But why leave it there? Just because you had a story published does not mean everyone has had a chance to see it. The very nature of word-of-mouth is that it is viral; but to get the ball rolling, it is in your organization's interest to actively ensure your message resonates with as many people as possible.


Fact: Perception is reality. A steady stream of information helps create a perception that business must be good. Why else would you be getting such a large amount of media attention?


To that end, there are many things a company can do to maximize the results of a PR campaign and plant seeds of thought and discussion within target audiences. The effective use of such tactics can considerably influence markets in acknowledging you as a worthy business investment and ensure you are receiving the most bang for your buck. Here’s how:


Have you had a positive product or company review in the news or online? That's great! Make sure your customers know about it!

Nothing beats hearing or reading a positive mention by an objective third party in terms of legitimacy. Why not share what others have to say about you with current clients and potential customers?



While thousands and even millions of people may have seen your local and/or national interview, it does not mean everyone saw it. Post and promote those links on your website and social media channels, including videos and photos where possible. Start a news section on your website. Keep it up to date with the latest news on you and your company. Post images of actual print media clips (site source) on your website's news page. Quote highlights throughout the entire site.

Place a list of all the high profile media outlets where you and your company have appeared: “As seen on …”


Social networks

Post media links and tell your followers about the latest news on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc. Social media networks are useful for posting about the latest news. Not only do your followers see the news, they may find it interesting and share and retweet the news to their own followers. This is one of the fastest ways that YouTube videos go viral.


Email and newsletters

Email and company e-newsletters/e-zines are great tools for communicating your brand's success via distribution lists. Be certain to mention recent media success and post links. End an email message with, "Please refer to my advice in (article/interview) for more information." Great news coverage is a good reason to send a special alert before, during and after a media appearance. “Be sure to look in this month’s issue of _____ magazine on newsstands Friday for …” and “Tune in to NBC tonight to see our company featured on …” or “In case you weren’t among the 700,000 people watching last night’s _____, I’ve provided a link.”



Blog are ideal platforms for amassing online visibility, credibility and for building long-term relationships. Utilize these by posting coverage to related industry blogs and engage users by responding to comments and answering questions in an informative and always professional manner.


To take it one step further, create your own blog site for yourself, making sure to keep an updated supply of content. Content may include interviews, videos, sound bites, etc. Blogs are designed to be two-way conversations, so have some employees readily available to respond to comments.


In the office

Treat media clippings like awards: frame them, place them on your office and reception area wall and show them off to others! Let clients and prospects come to the conclusion that they are doing business with the very best your industry has to offer. Ask Axia about reprint solutions that make a big impact. One of our clients sends framed articles to all their branches and retail locations to motivate employees and show off to customers nationally.


At trade shows

Be sure to mention coverage and stock reprints as handouts. Potential clients that leave with evidence of your success are more likely to hold on to a lasting impression.


In sales meetings or sales calls

Be sure to mention your recent news coverage to potential customers and current customers. Show them your company’s media coverage online. Potential customers will feel more at ease that your company must be among the best in the business. Your current customers will look and feel smart for selecting the best company. Encourage them to share that news coverage with their co-workers.


Add it to your email signatures

Share it with every email you send: “See our new _____ product in Woman’s World by clicking here.”


Recycle content into other media formats

Have an article/blog post you're especially proud of? Turn it into an informational MP3 sound bite and/or video. Share the links on your website and social networks. Repurpose the content yet again by creating graphic images/slideshows and sharing those.


Business presentations or proposals

Get the most out of presentations and sales pitches by bringing attention to successful coverage, thereby reinforcing the credibility and popularity of your product or service. Through an effective demonstration of legitimacy, companies can strengthen their image with potential clients.


Advertise coverage on promotional print

Affirm information in brochures, advertisements and flyers by affixing media quotes, instantly enhancing the intended promotional message. You can do this with virtually any print format your company utilizes: catalogs, business cards, banners, stationery and mailing materials. Want to come up with new taglines? Media coverage is also a great source of fresh ideas for reinventing marketing tools.


Include quotes in your biography

Insert media quotes into your company's bio. Curious readers can then see firsthand the publicity you have gained as a result of your expertise.


Mail hard copies of coverage to past, present and prospective clients

Our favorite: Remind past and present clients why they chose you over the competition, and demonstrate to prospects why they should. Perhaps attach a cover sheet with clippings to reinforce this message.


Award entries and recognition

Use coverage as proof to judges of your ability to deliver a trusted and professional product or service. This could mean the difference between winning and being a runner-up.


What do I do with those published news releases? Re-market them of course!

You might assume that once you send a release to the media, it ceases to serve a purpose. Not so! Releases can provide a vast array of uses, all with the same benefits of enhancing visibility and solidifying credibility.


Provide new and informative content to your website and social networks

Repurposing news releases for this function instantly creates a wealth of content that can keep followers and target audiences updated on the latest events. This can also provide a solution to the issue of appearing outdated due to a lack of industry news.


Convert news releases into articles

The best releases are intended to provide journalists with all the details necessary to create an article with as little editing as possible. This means that with a little reformatting, you too can create articles that place your business right in the middle of spotlight. Publishing these online and inserting links to your homepage can do wonders for SEO rankings.


Remember SEO

Simply posting news releases as they are can provide a substantial amount of SEO and increase traffic to your homepage (make sure to insert the necessary links). Use popular keywords throughout the release and within links to maximize SEO results. This includes posting the news releases to the news section of your website as well as free and paid public relations newswires and news release newswires.


What’s the difference between public relations newswires and real newswires?

PR newswires are filled with news releases from PR people and companies that pay a fee to post their company news. There are several companies that provide these services (PR Newswire, Business Wire, PR Web and others). Each has its own unique features and benefits. Axia receives volume pricing from these paid newswire services and our public relations agency extends discounted rates to our clients. For example, a $2,000 newswire package may cost from $400 to $800 for an Axia client, depending on current volume and promotional offerings. The Associated Press contains stories published exclusively by AP correspondents and newspapers that subscribe to the AP service. Companies are unable to pay to have their news placed here. Editors select the content they post to the AP wire based on the overall news value. Other major news wires, such as Reuters and Dow Jones, also exist. Axia has relationships with these unpaid newswires and actively pitches its clients’ best stories to its contacts within these newswires.


Utilize news releases as subject matter for blog posts

The point of a release is to provide content worth talking about, right? Why not select the more juicy parts and revamp them into blog posts? This provides readers with engaging content that has them thinking and talking about what matters most: you.


Insert news releases into emails and newsletters

Keep a steady stream of information going straight to target audience inboxes. With or without an article, this ensures that your business remains relevant and provides an educational source, which reminds them of you and your accomplishments. Remember, continuing a steady stream of information helps create a perception that business must be good. Why else would you be getting such a large amount of media attention?


Mail or fax your news releases

It might sound old-fashioned, but it will stand out. Send releases to customers, prospects and newsrooms. Heck, for fun, send them to your competitors!


Share your tips.

Please share with us how you promote news and media coverage in your company – both internally and externally. We’ll collect ideas and post them on our PR blog!


Remarketing tips brought to you by Axia Public Relations.

For more information on how PR can help your business shine, contact:

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