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4 ways to present your corporation as grateful to its shareholders

A LinkedIn poll revealed corporations have a negative public image. How can you change that for your organization?


On a LinkedIn poll, Axia Public Relations CEO Jason Mudd asked if corporations exist merely to generate a profit or are beholden to stakeholders. The results showed 82% of respondents thought corporations only exist to maximize profits, while 18% thought corporations were beholden to stakeholders. 

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Disaster Communications: 5 ways to make the most of a bad situation with Amy Susán

In this episode, guest Amy Susán joins host Jason Mudd to discuss disaster communications and five ways to make the most of a bad situation. They dive into how to handle communications for your organization during a crisis delicately, diplomatically, and empathetically. Amy's expertise is weather-related destruction in the construction industry, but her 5+ tips are applicable to any industry and crisis situation.


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Shattering the Six Gender Bias Barriers Still Holding Women Back at Work with Amy Diehl

In this episode, Amy Diehl joins host Jason Mudd to discuss how bias against women persists in female-dominated workplaces. Amy shares her knowledge of why men are in leadership roles more often than women and what makes an industry equitable. They also discuss how to make your workplace healthy for men and women, the phenomenon of presentism, and how to eliminate bias and what can women do if they are confronted by bias.


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Best practices for internal communications with Casey Mank, co-founder of Bold Type

In this episode, Casey Mank, co-founder of Bold Type, joins host Jason Mudd to discuss best practices for internal communications at your organization.


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Topics: internal communications, On Top of PR

Steps to take before you run an agency review

Mercer Island Group created this checklist for CMOs to reference before conducting an agency review.


When a marketer decides it is time to leave a client-agency relationship, uncertainty that they’re getting the best for their organization can add stress to an already stressful process. A move means a client loses the benefits of a long-standing relationship that was rooted in a deep understanding of an organization’s needs and challenges.


Still, if a move becomes necessary, how can you as a marketer ensure you land on the best agency for your company? What steps can you take to streamline the process of conducting an agency review? Mercer Island Group has compiled a checklist for marketers to aid in agency transitions.

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The Rise of “Reculture”

Axia’s 60-Second Impact

60 Seconds of Information Impacting You and Your Fast-Forward Economy


March 2022 – Harnessing Change


Major companies like Facebook, now Meta, are completely rewriting their own stories overnight. Rebranding takes mountains of preparation, but “reculturing” is an entirely visceral journey to the core of who you are and why you do what you do as a company. Today, we’ll look at complete paradigm shifts in marketing leadership to help you stay one step ahead.

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Topics: internal communications, social media, 60-Second Impact

How the PRSA Code of Ethics benefits communications employees

The PRSA Code of Ethics is a set of guidelines that helps public relations professionals “navigate ethical principles and applications and is widely regarded as the industry standard,” according to the PRSA student society. 


These principles include advocacy, honesty, expertise, independence, loyalty, and fairness. You can establish these principles throughout your organization, too, which will build a better relationship between you, your clientele, and your employees.

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Topics: corporate communications, internal communications

How you can improve your company with virtual meetings

Virtual meetings can be used to improve and expand in your company


The COVID-19 pandemic has encouraged many companies to go partially or fully remote. Because of this, virtual meeting software like Zoom and Microsoft Teams have become some of the hottest products for the business world as companies need ways to set up meetings remotely. But, there’s more you can do with virtual meetings than simply making a remote version of your company’s weekly and monthly meetings; you can also use them to connect better with your team.

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Topics: internal communications

The importance of sticking with your company’s goals

Avoid changing your company’s goals on a whim


Goals are the cornerstone of your company’s success. A company that doesn’t have any goals, no matter how good your product or service, will be aimless.  


When your company decides on goals to achieve, it’s essential to stick with them. Your company’s goals lay the foundation for your growth plans, and changing them on a whim may impede that growth. Stick with the plan, no matter how good a sudden change to your company’s goals might seem in your head.

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Effective crisis communications with Christopher Britton | On Top of PR podcast

Christopher Britton and Jason Mudd discuss best practices for organizations to consider when preparing for inevitable crises. These involve leveraging technology, forming response plans, and practicing within your team.

If you’re enjoying the vodcast, would you please share it with others and leave us a review?



Our episode guest is Christopher Britton, chief operating officer of RockDove solutions. He has decades of executive leadership experience and is known for creating and improving successful public and private companies, such as AT&T and Rosetta Stone.

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Topics: crisis communications, internal communications, On Top of PR

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