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Need better brainstorming? The power of saying “yes, and” to develop more creative ideas

Creative processes usually involve multiple minds. This means one person’s ideas might not immediately sit well with another person’s. 


What to do? How can other members of the creative team give their feedback on ideas?


Should they shut the idea down? Maybe condemn and dismiss it right away?


These options will, at best, be counter-productive to the creative process. At their worst, they’ll damage the confidence of the person who suggested the idea. 

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How to turn a department into a successful team

Transform a group of employees into a cohesive unit


Building a successful company is downright difficult. From finding your niche to developing a successful product to building up contacts and relationships in order to help your company grow, success in the business world takes a lot of effort. Fostering a productive and happy workforce is a necessary part of getting there. So how do you help your employees be productive, happy, and successful?

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Wow Factor Workplace with Deb Boelkes | On Top of PR podcast

Has anyone ever asked you, “What’s it like to work at your company?” People join companies and leave bosses. Get ready to become a WOW boss in a WOW factor workplace.



Our episode guest is Deb Boelkes, Founder at Business World Rising. Deb is on a tear, transforming the business world into one you'll love and never want to leave.

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Elon Musk shows how to be a great boss in one simple letter

For any company to be successful, it should have strong leadership and an equally strong team. Elon Musk has demonstrated how to become a successful business man and launch a billion dollar company. We can all learn a lot about Elon’s leadership skills by examining a letter he wrote to his employees after his team violated the “no negotiation, no discount” policy”:

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Make your public relations creation process fun

Add some fun to your public relations process for better results


The world of public relations can be seen as a humorless bore to those unfamiliar with it. With how important a company’s reputation is, sending out humorous PR material and having fun at work are bad ideas, right? Wrong.


As we stated earlier, public relations can be humorous. In fact, including humor in the public relations materials you produce can be very effective if done correctly and appropriately.


Fun and humor aren’t just for the materials you produce. They can also be used in the creative process to great effect.

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The value of being honest in internal communications

Honesty is certainly the best policy when communicating within your company


Public relations is all about honesty. If you’re honest, you can build customer trust and accurately tell a company’s story. However, lying can destroy a reputation in an instant. A lie might sound good at first, but it can come back to ruin your public relations regardless of when the lie is discovered.


However, honesty isn’t just important when doing public relations; it’s also important for your internal communications as well.

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Saving you, and the PR world, from poorly executed meetings

A guide to avoiding bad meetings


As Dave Grady mentions in his TED Talk, there’s a global epidemic called MAS, which stands for “mindless accept syndrome.” A symptom of this is, in Grady’s words, “an involuntary reflex in which a person accepts a meeting invitation without even thinking why.” All jokes aside, the subject of the TED Talk is something PR professionals should take into consideration. 


Many of us subconsciously accept invitations to meetings without even asking what the meeting is about. No one wants to sit in a meeting for hours without knowing what the game plan is, especially if we have other projects to work on and deadlines to meet.

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You're not thinking big enough

Small thinking is stopping you and your company from great things – including public relations


The biggest issue I see with most companies is they’re not thinking big enough. 


They set reasonable goals and objectives that don’t inspire their teams to stretch. 


I’d rather push myself and fall short than work in an environment where I don’t feel challenged. We encourage “failing forward” because you learn and achieve more by allowing yourself to take risks and make mistakes.

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The daily huddle: How to hold meaningful stand-up meetings

This is one post about company productivity. Read about the Ivy Lee method for more. 


I grew up playing sports in high school – specifically, football. I loved being on the field with my team during a game. To me, there's no feeling like it. Eleven guys perfectly coordinated to line up on the field. Then the quarterback snaps the football and chaos ensues. Or does it?


Each team member begins to move with purposeful individual actions in order to complete the team’s goal. Some are removing obstacles while others are going downfield to catch a pass. Then the play stops, everyone resets, and they do it again.


How does each member of the team always know what each other member is going to do? How can they know how to best support each other?


The team huddle.


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