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How you can improve your company with virtual meetings

By Jacob McKimm

Virtual meetings can be used to improve and expand in your company


Jason Mudd talks about how you can utilize virtual meetings.The COVID-19 pandemic has encouraged many companies to go partially or fully remote. Because of this, virtual meeting software like Zoom and Microsoft Teams have become some of the hottest products for the business world as companies need ways to set up meetings remotely. But, there’s more you can do with virtual meetings than simply making a remote version of your company’s weekly and monthly meetings; you can also use them to connect better with your team.


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Kickstarting employee growth and bonding

Virtual meeting platforms are ripe with opportunities to interact with your employees or team. Try these strategies to improve your virtual meetings:

  • Be a listener instead of simply giving orders.
  • Get personal with your employees. Virtual meetings can be a good time to ask employees about themselves.

For example, say you’re having a meeting with someone on your PR team. Instead of simply checking up on what they’re doing and progress on a project, start by asking how their family is doing. Then, ask if they’re having any issues with something they’re working on and if they need any resources to succeed, such as extra stats for a media campaign about your company’s huge growth over the past few quarters. This will lead to happier employees and better results.



Meeting more often with virtual meeting tools

The advent of high-speed internet and smartphones makes holding virtual meetings whenever you want a snap. Take advantage of this by having meetings more often than you would on-site. This will help you manage projects, catch problems before they burrow themselves into a project, and help keep everyone focused on what needs to be done.


Improving your meetings with virtual meetings

The switch to virtual meetings has created many new opportunities to get closer with your team and utilize meetings more often. By adding these strategies to your company meetings, you can have more productive meetings that nurture a stronger and happier team that produces even better results.


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McKimm_Jacob-1.jpgClients love Jacob’s speed. Jacob is an inbound marketing-certified webmaster. He earned an integrated communications degree from Florida State College at Jacksonville. Jacob joined Axia PR as an intern in August 2015 and earned his way into a critical role at our PR agency.

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