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Can your insurance cover the costs of hiring crisis public relations?

Crisis PR is key to a great crisis plan, so make sure your insurance helps you pay for it


When your company is in crisis, you’ll take in many sudden expenses that you’ll have to pay for out of pocket. This can strain budgets that used to be open or push your already tight budget to its limits. One of these expenses includes crisis public relations to manage your reputation in such a trying time. Having insurance help pay for crisis PR is a big help, but can insurance do that?

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Use these 13 tips to get your insurance company in the news

Insurance companies benefit from media coverage


Why is it so great for companies like insurance firms to get media coverage?


For one, positive media coverage improves the reputation of insurance companies. Secondly, media coverage places your company at the forefront of prospective customers’ minds. More often than not, customers may not know about your insurance company until you are included in a news story and highlighted as an industry expert. When your executives are considered industry experts, your company and executives are on prospective clients’ radar when they need an insurance company.

So how exactly do insurance companies get in the news?

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