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7 responsible principles to guide the use of AI in public relations

When used effectively, innovative AI tools can enhance PR practices.


Professional communications tools enabled by artificial intelligence (AI) systems are revolutionizing business processes. Axia Public Relations is committed to innovation and using AI tools to benefit you and your company. 

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Topics: PR tips, technology

Axia’s Autocomplete SEO service helps companies generate more leads

Digital public relations and marketing agency Axia announced its Autocomplete search engine search box suggestion optimization service.

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Topics: digital PR, agency news

Axia Public Relations names 2023 scholarship winner

Adham Mohamed earns Axia Public Relations’ scholarship


University of Minnesota student Adham Mohamed earned Axia Public Relations’ public relations scholarship. Mohamed is president of the Public Relations Student Society of America chapter in Minnesota.

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Topics: agency news

Aeroseal selects Axia as PR agency to increase awareness about building air leaks

Aeroseal, a climate-tech company that reduces air leaks in buildings, has partnered with Axia Public Relations to handle its national media relations. Axia will help Aeroseal raise awareness through media coverage of its technology and ability to save homeowners thousands of dollars on energy bills.

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Topics: agency news

Axia Public Relations adds bilingual employee

Madison Paige increases PR firm’s offerings with Spanish skills.


Madison Paige is joining Axia Public Relations as a public relations assistant.


The U.S. is now the second-largest Spanish-speaking population in the world after Mexico, and data predicts that one in three people in the U.S. will speak Spanish by 2050. To address the needs of more than 52 million Spanish-language speakers, Axia sought to recruit Paige as a bilingual Spanish speaker.

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Topics: agency news

Emmy Award-winning journalist joins Axia Public Relations

Bob Wiltfong will serve as a public relations account director.


Emmy Award-winning journalist Bob Wiltfong joined Axia Public Relations as a public relations account director. He now directs and leads PR strategies, services, and measurement programs for Axia’s national accounts.

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Topics: agency news

What do foreign firms need to know about U.S. PR firms and the Federal Foreign Agent Registration Act?

PR firms representing foreign principals are obligated to register with the FARA.


It’s normal to find public relations agencies in the U.S. representing foreign entities. The Foreign Agents Registration Act of 1938 (FARA) is a law that promotes transparency with respect to foreign influence in the U.S. The act ensures the government and public are aware of information from foreign agents, in turn allowing for both parties to make informed assessments and decisions.

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Topics: PR tips

6 strategies for home improvement companies to get earned media coverage

Earned media coverage is the next crucial step for your company after establishing a brand and garnering customers.


Making a name for your company in the competitive home improvement market can be challenging with countless companies vying for consumer attention. Finding innovative ways to gain a competitive edge is crucial, and one highly effective strategy is leveraging earned media coverage. 


Unlike paid or owned media, earned media is publicity a company receives without directly paying for it. A company’s newsworthy actions or initiatives can result in mentions in news articles, blogs, reviews, social media posts, and other forms of media coverage a company earns.

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Topics: home improvement services, earned media, news media

How McDonald’s is using the Grimace shake TikTok trend to maximize the product’s visibility

The purple milkshake, and now infamous social media trend, could help boost McDonald’s brand presence.


McDonald’s has an army of social media professionals at the social media agency of record at its corporate headquarters — a team constantly monitoring the trend. This team has noticed the mountain of social media videos stacking up with users trying the fast food chain’s new Grimace shake, wishing the character the shake’s named after a happy birthday, then shortly after pretending to die from it.


Videos following this trend have amassed 1.1 billion views and counting on TikTok, placing McDonald’s name in the spotlight and sending customers to try the shake — and the trend — for themselves.

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Topics: shared media, social media

Top PR Pros Share Their Tips for Earning U.S. Media Coverage

We asked some of the nation’s most successful media relations practitioners to share their best practices.


Earning media coverage is becoming more and more challenging and competitive for public relations and corporate communications professionals. That’s because traditional newsrooms are shrinking, and positive media coverage is now more precious than ever before. While the best PR pros are still getting ink for their employers and clients, it’s always helpful to uplevel your game.

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Topics: media relations, earned media, news media

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