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18 questions a private equity company asked our PR agency about our PR experience for construction companies

A private equity company recently asked our public relations firm 18 questions as they seek a strategic PR partner. We thought their questions were relevant and sharing it might benefit a broader audience like you in better understanding what PR agencies do, what to look for when hiring a PR firm, and how to work well with them.

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Tips to Create a Crisis Communications Plan

A crisis communications plan protects and defends companies and organizations from a fallout in the public eye. These crises are caused by issues like a company scandal, an executive’s inappropriate behavior, or a product recall. Developing a crisis communications plan can help companies maintain their reputation. 


Companies task public relations agencies to design comprehensive crisis management plans that limit risks to their brands. We craft specific messages for employees, investors, customers, the public, and news outlets. Insufficient external and internal communications can cause the following:


  • Operational response failure

  • Stakeholders reacting negatively

  • Public perception that the company is inept and, even worse, criminally negligent

  • Sever impact on the company’s brand, reputation, and finances 

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Five Questions with PR Agency CEO Jason Mudd

Our founder and CEO, Jason Mudd, recently completed a pre-interview with a business TV news show. Although the interview doesn’t air for several weeks, here are some of the answers he shared during the initial Q&A.

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Forbes names Axia as one of America’s best PR firms for 2021

Forbes named Axia Public Relations one of America’s best PR firms for 2021.


Out of 5,000 PR firms considered, Forbes’ list included 200 firms. That arguably ranks Axia in the top 4% of PR agencies nationwide.


“As we reflect on why Forbes selected us, it’s likely our innovative approach to PR that our clients and industry peers recognized our talented PR agency team, proven processes, and value-driven approach,” said Jason Mudd, Axia’s CEO and managing partner.

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Axia has 150+ documented proven processes to deliver consistent results for our PR agency’s clients

When a company hires a PR agency, it will get consistent quality and measurable outcomes when our processes are followed. Having the processes is the first step. Getting buy-ins from the team and having the processes followed is the bigger challenge.

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Inbound and outbound marketing - six key differences

Target your ideal customers with inbound and outbound marketing strategies.


Marketing is imperative to boost the sales and market performance of a company. When done right, it can help you attract and retain loyal customers and build your brand name. 


Inbound marketing and outbound marketing are ideal tactics that marketers use to reach their audience. Knowing the core differences between these two will help you make informed marketing decisions and generate higher conversions. Let’s get started. 

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Five quick ways to curate industry content for your blog

Here are the smartest content curation hacks to supercharge your marketing efforts.


Creating fresh and valuable content is an organic way to increase engagement. And so to make your company relevant and approachable, you must discover trending industry topics and strategize a well-rounded marketing plan. 


Content curation is a continuous process and can become tedious without the right content curation strategies. To be impactful, you need to retrieve content in effective and well-aligned ways. Keeping that in mind, let’s learn some quick content curation hacks

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Axia adds Social Media Specialist

Oct. 12, 2020 – Despite a global pandemic economic recession, Axia Public Relations recruited Emily Barrett to the “A-Team” as a social media specialist. 


Emily develops unique, innovative, and engaging social media content for the PR agency’s clients.

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What are content tags? What are they used for?

Make your website content “findable” to you and your customers with content tags


With increased content production, there’s a growing concern for content searchability among users and content managers. Content tags are a means to combat this issue.

The phrases in a Content Management System (CMS) that group similar content pieces together in a web publication are called content tags. It’s an ideal solution to ‘label’ and classify content, making it easier to search, follow, and group multiple topics. These tags streamline content management for organizations to find and use the content as and when required.

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The importance of SEO freshness factor

Do you know about the freshness factor? 


It is an element of search engine algorithms that prefers web pages with fresh and updated content over outdated ones.


This is where website management triggers your online visibility. It informs search engines that you have new and relevant content for its users. When the bots index your web pages, Google rewards you with top rankings on the SERPs. 


There’s more to why you need an updated website with SEO-friendly content. Let’s discover what!

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