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How do search engines generate the SERP?

The three steps search engines follow to rank search results


Are you curious about how search engines generate the ranking list called SERPs?


If you know what SERPs are and what elements they incorporate, it’s easy to understand their workings.


Search engines generate search results in a three-step process. 

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Topics: SEO, PR tips, online public relations

Why website speed optimization matters

We live in a busy and hyper-competitive world. 


Modern customers are impatient and want the web content to load within seconds. Delays may make them move to another source, and you may end up losing potential business opportunities. 


If you care about leads, conversions, and customer delight, you should pay attention to your website’s load speed. Let’s take a look at how website loading time makes a huge difference. 

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How to build a great Request for Proposals that attracts the best PR Agencies

A great proposal starts with a great RFP


Public relations is critical to the success of a company. Your company’s unique needs are important, and finding a partner provider who can solve your problems is critical. A strong, clear request for proposals is the best way to help providers propose creative, relevant, and cost effective business solutions for you.


The PR Council offers a free RFP guide to help your company build an RFP that brings you proposals. These proposals work to solve your business challenges, not create more problems and a complicated process. We think it’s a good resource, and we wanted to share it with you here. Before you submit a Request for Proposals, make sure you're working with a proper PR agency

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14 ways to secure earned media coverage about your home service company

Why is being included in a news story so important for companies?

One reason is because positive news coverage improves your company’s reputation. Another is news stories about your company put it at the forefront of prospective customers’ minds.

As consumers are inundated with options, many may not know about your company and its offerings until they see your company included in a story as a thought leader.

So how do home service companies like plumbers, A/C repair companies, flooring, electricians, pool service providers, home warranty companies, and more get in the news?

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Topics: public relations, home services, earned media

Why is copy editing important to PR?

Ensure external communications appeal to media with copy editing


As a public relations firm, we believe it’s important to provide you with a white-glove experience. One of the ways we do that is by offering comprehensive PR solutions and value-added services at no additional cost. One of those services is copy editing all content and documents that we share with the media, post on a newswire, or otherwise submit on your company’s behalf. 

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Topics: PR tips, copy editing

11 tips to earn media coverage for your construction company

There’s no time like the present to grow your company’s outreach


Did you know that positive news coverage helps to improve your construction company’s reputation? It also helps to place your company at the forefront of many of your prospective customers’ minds.

Far too often, customers don’t know which company to turn to when they have a construction need because all of them seem the same. Luckily, earned media coverage assists in creating a thought leader and puts your company at the forefront of people’s minds when they need to make a building and construction decision. 

Say you’ve tried to get your company in the news, such as print, online, or broadcast coverage, without luck. We’re here to help!

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Topics: construction, news media

How 2020 Has Changed PR

The year 2020 started with a focus on the latest public relations trends. Niche targeting, live streaming, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Big Data integrations generated the most buzz, and they continue to do so. Although they haven’t faded in the background, the focus on how to use them has drastically shifted.


Brands have started to actively market to a niche audience through influencers, self-publishing platforms, social media, and informative content. The top players from brands have started to use live streaming to get in front of the audience. 


Artificial Intelligence and big data have become the go-to source for brands to monitor social media platforms, predict consumer needs, and develop targeted content based on causes impacting their audience. Handling it all from behind the curtain is an experienced public relations agency. 


Public relations agencies are well-aware of the changing times and have doubled down on their efforts to point brands in the right direction. We want to highlight how PR has changed in 2020 and what to do about it.

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Topics: public relations, crisis communications

9 Journalists-Approved Tips for Pitching to the Media

Sending a perfect media pitch can feel like a balancing act. Structure and timing are everything. To avoid becoming a mere drop in an ocean of emails, here are nine media pitching tips directly from journalists, according to PR software Muck Rack’s research.

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Topics: media relations, news media

What is SERP? Search Engine Results Page Explained.

SERP is a buzzword used in the digital marketing space. Do you know what it means?


Search Engine Results Page is the web page rendered by search engines like Google to the searchers with a list of relevant URLs answering their search queries.


The search engine algorithm walks through millions of websites to generate the SERP with best-matching results. The idea is to present search results that are in close sync with the user’s search intent.


Every search engine has a unique algorithm and displays two primary types of search results on the SERP.

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Topics: SEO, web media

The size of a PR department in an advertising firm

Do advertising firms have the focus on PR you need?


A while ago, I was talking with a public relations agent working in an advertising agency. During our conversation, she discussed her experiences, which stuck out to me. 

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