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Why should you use Clubhouse for marketing?

Should you use Clubhouse for business-to-business or business-to-consumer marketing?


What is Clubhouse?


Clubhouse has been making headlines since its launch for connecting everyone, irrespective of social status, together to talk about everything from books to corporate growth strategies. Marketers are now leveraging this trending audio-only app to build their community, connect with listeners, and establish their own personal brands. So why should you as an entrepreneur or marketer use Clubhouse?


Let’s discuss. 

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Topics: online public relations, owned media, social media

Instagram SEO: How to Expand Your IG Reach

If you are a digital creator or influencer on Instagram, your account needs to have good reach so your content is visible to your audience. That’s when Instagram search engine optimization (SEO) comes into the picture. These tactics will help you optimize your profile and drive new Instagram users. 


However, Instagram algorithms can get a bit complicated. Because of this, your reach often becomes lower, and you do not get as much engagement or views. To help you, here is a guide to understanding how you can skyrocket your Instagram reach. 

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Topics: owned media, social media

How to Create a Killer Call-to-Action

Guide your website traffic to take the desired action with effective CTAs


A Call-to-Action (CTA) plays a critical role in increasing conversion rate. 


In marketing, a CTA is an advertising element that tells the consumer to take action the moment they click on your ad. Examples like “subscribe now,” “follow,” “add to cart,” and “buy now” are some common CTAs to trigger actions from website traffic. 


Often used on landing pages, email campaigns, and pay-per-click ads, CTAs also prove effective in blog posts, websites, sidebars, etc. What novice marketers don’t understand is that a few words can change the way the audience looks at your promotional page.

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Topics: PR tips

Dealing with social media trolls and their negativity

You can handle trolls and their negative content


Regardless of the industry, and no matter the cause it supports, every brand has to deal with different kinds of people on various social media platforms. 


There are the fans; they are your flag bearers and always willing to boost your brand by liking, commenting, and resharing your content. Appreciate them for their love. There are the appraisers who assess your brand and voice their opinions. Tread carefully with these; don’t respond unless it’s utterly necessary. 

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Topics: online public relations, social media

Dealing with external criticism: A concise guide

You can manage inaccuracies about your brand


Whether or not we notice, people observe how we deal with complaints about us. Our response speaks volumes. And this is the case not just in regular life but in companies as well, whether the complaints are made in person or online.


When responding to complaints, you must be careful not to go with guns blazing; you don’t have to keep mum either. This is because you could seem desperate to hide something, and thus, misinformation about your brand would be seen as true.

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Topics: PR tips, reputation management

Ideation: The secret sauce for creative PR

No more lame and unproductive brainstorming sessions


Sometimes, it’s difficult to come up with great ideas. Other times, the ideas we come up with are just subpar and unimpressive. A lack of quality ideas is one of the biggest challenges of corporate America.


If only there were a way to recharge our minds and enhance the quality of ideas necessary for our work and clients.


Thankfully, we have perfected a process for successful ideation. This post discusses what ideation is, its benefits, as well as its role in creative public relations.

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Topics: PR tips

How the power of PR saved Twister

Public relations has proven to be one of the most compelling ways to attract public attention when launching a brand. Multiple brands have benefited from PR. However, one of the most remarkable displays of public relations’ importance lies in the Twister story. 


Even after a major toy distributor refused to add it to their 1966 Christmas catalog, one national media appearance transformed the struggling game into a celebrated domestic brand. PR to the rescue!

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Topics: PR success stories

What is SEO automation?

Cut down on manual work and put your search engine optimization efforts on autopilot


Implementing the right search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to increase your website’s search engine ranking is no child’s play. While it requires consistent effort in well-researched keyword usage, SEO can significantly boost the organic traffic coming to your site. 


Over the years, SEO techniques have evolved to keep up with the changing times. Techniques that were relevant two decades ago are less likely to find any attention today. SEO automation is one such advancement that has enhanced the capabilities of web optimization. 

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Topics: SEO, online public relations

Difference between a webpage's page title and headline

Learn the difference between a page title and a headline of your webpage


Website creation is about optimizing small changes that can, together, make a difference and generate big results. Get it right, and you may see a higher engagement level. Get it wrong, and you struggle to remain relevant. 


One such seemingly trivial but significant element of a webpage is its headline and page title. While both of these are essentially headers, they have different impacts and purposes. Let’s get to know their core differences and learn to use them to your advantage.

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Topics: SEO, PR tips, online public relations

PR firms increased rates despite pandemic recession

Many PR agencies profited significantly during the pandemic


New research shows that PR agencies increased their rates in 2020 despite a global health pandemic, corresponding economic crisis, and its blow to PR firms and most of their clients’ industries.


Gould-Partners’ report revealed there was a whopping 23.5% increase in the hourly billing rate from $193 per hour in 2019 to $240 per hour in the following year.

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