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Best SEO practices for web page headlines

Harness the power of headlines and make them SEO-compliant.


As the online medium continues to grow and thrive, websites have become a mainstay for driving revenues to businesses. This burgeoning platform has been responsible for building a compelling online presence for brands and plays a vital role in targeting the consumer. 


Websites have multiple aspects associated with them that contribute to the ever-increasing user base of the business. One of the most significant elements imperative in making pages rank higher in search engines is the page’s headline. Having a direct impact on the visitor, headlines are instrumental in improving your virtual visibility.

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Topics: SEO, web design & development

What Is The StoryBrand BrandScript One-Liner?

Are you aware that business owners and companies are sometimes unaware of how to properly introduce their brands? When presented with a question of what your company does, it is tempting to blurt out a direct, non-persuasive response.


The challenge with this is it doesn’t strike a note with customers because you might end up looking incompetent.


Thankfully, there is an art and a science to introducing one’s brand. That is the StoryBrand BrandScript one-liner.

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Topics: branding, story telling

What is search engine optimization (SEO)?

Get approved by Google and level up your search engine results with ethical, honest, and accurate SEO practices.


Online visibility is the most integral aspect of any business’s mission to expand. A solid digital presence can significantly improve the quality of leads and convert them into customers. However, with rising demand to enhance businesses online presence, unethical practices arise. To rank on top of the Search Engine Ranking Pages (SERPs) and maintain your consistency, you should know about ethical SEO practices. 


Before getting into how SEO can help your company grow, let’s first learn more about SEO and how it affects your online presence.

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Topics: SEO, online public relations

Why Your Company Needs The StoryBrand BrandScript Framework

Have you ever wondered why brands with excellent products and services sometimes record poor sales? The answer is simple: poor communication of your brand’s message.


In this post, we’ll discuss a revolutionary marketing tactic that makes optimal use of fundamental elements of human nature to help companies effortlessly get to the core of their brand message. Author Donald Miller developed this marketing framework, inspired by principles of storytelling called the StoryBrand 7 Part Framework. The “main character” of one’s branding and marketing is the customer, not the brand. The brand plays the role of the guide, leading the “main character” to success.

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Topics: branding, PR planning, story telling

Why does your company’s website need a privacy policy?

Embed your website’s privacy policy with better SEO and SERP and get rewarded by Google.


Consumer behaviors are constantly fluctuating online. Once a visitor lands on your website, they may perform various actions depending on their preferences. Most companies are inclined to focus on these gathered analytics of consumer behavior. While each web page has a different role to play, an integrated privacy policy could add an x-factor. 


A rigid privacy policy ensures all data collected is transparent while keeping the consumer informed. This helps build a mutual bond with your target audience based on trust and clarity.

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Topics: web design & development

Facebook Analytics Is Terminated

As part of a larger effort to simplify business resources, Facebook decided to retire Facebook Analytics beginning June 30. They will continue to invest in measurement products that provide insights and data analysis capabilities, even as this method is being phased out. The Insights portion of Facebook Pages and Instagram Profiles are unaffected.

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Topics: owned media, social media

How to Add/Install WordPress to An Existing Website

Enhance the capabilities of your existing website by adding feature plug-ins from WordPress


The gradual shift of businesses to the digital world has drawn much attention toward building a solid online presence for your brand. One of the most critical aspects of this is to have an integrated website for your products and services. A website that extends its capabilities and includes user-friendly features is sure to attract customers and impact revenues. 


WordPress, one of the most sought-after content management service platforms, comes to the rescue. It allows you to explicitly add or embed the features offered for developing a functional website. 

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Topics: online public relations, web design & development, owned media

Axia CEO Jason Mudd earns Measurement Master certification

Jason Mudd, CEO and Managing Partner of Axia Public Relations, earned a Measurement Master certification. 


With this certification, Mudd is now an expert in measurable objectives, survey research, media analysis, data validation, web analytics, search engine optimization, integrated dashboards, and reporting communications results. Forbes named Mudd’s Axia as one of America’s best PR firms for 2021.

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Topics: agency news

Top 2021 SEO Trends to drive website traffic

For businesses that focus on generating online sales, search engine optimization is unarguably one of the best ways of generating organic traffic to your websites. However, for it to live up to its potential, SEO has to be implemented correctly. The importance of getting page one results on search engines can be seen from the fact that out of the 3.5 billion searches conducted every day, a mere 0.78% of the users click on a page two result. In sharp contrast, the first-ranked result grabs a CTR of 25.8%, according to Searchenginejournal.com. What these statistics demonstrate is the absolute importance of ranking on page one of search engines’ results to drive sufficient organic traffic to the website for onward conversion. Since Google’s algorithm is constantly evolving in an attempt to deliver better results, SEO practitioners must also keep tweaking their SEO strategies to maintain their rankings or improve their positions. Here is a rundown of some of the more significant SEO trends for 2021:

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Topics: SEO, online public relations

Eight Ways a Construction Company Can Manage Damage to its Reputation

Construction companies are only as good as their last mistake. This applies to their reputation as well. While unfortunate to note, many clients can remember mistakes, and very few can recall successful projects and excellent work done. Most clients also remember mistakes long after they have been addressed.


Clients can be very unforgiving. A bad reputation can undo thousands of hours of hard work. Just like getting contractor insurance to safeguard your construction business, you also need to protect your company’s reputation at all times if you want to stay competitive. 


So how do you manage damage to your construction company’s reputation?


To repair any damage to your construction company’s reputation, you need to create a plan of action. This is important, so any issues are addressed right away before they cause irreparable damage. 

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Topics: crisis communications, construction

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