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Pros and cons of tier-two commercial news release wire services

By Axia Public Relations

Reach niche audiences more effectively but risk visibility using tier-two wire services.


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A woman working on a news release.News release wire services are useful for companies to distribute their news to wider audiences. Tier-two services have less reach than well-known and widely used tier-one services such as PR Newswire and Business Wire; however, tier-two services have acute advantages specific to the outreach they can offer.




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As your company decides which tier is best for you, we compiled a list of pros and cons for tier-two commercial press release wire services, including PRWeb, Marketwired, PRLog, Newswire, EIN Presswire, Accesswire, and ReleaseWire.


What are the pros?


1. Niche distribution channels: Tier-two services may have different distribution channels from tier-one services, which can help companies reach new and niche audiences. 


For example, EIN Presswire distributes news releases to a network of websites focused on specific industries and their audiences, as well as its topic newswire page per topics such as mergers and acquisitions and the insurance industry.


2. Cost-effective: Tier-two services can be significantly less expensive than their tier-one counterparts, making them a better option for companies with a limited budget.


3. Customization: Tier-two services may offer more customization options for news releases, such as formatting, images, and links. These options allow companies to create more tailored and effective new releases.


What are the cons?


1. Less visibility: Because tier-two services can have fewer distribution channels and smaller audiences than tier-one, this can limit the visibility of press releases.


2. Less credibility: Journalists and other media outlets often see tier-one services as more credible and trustworthy. Using a tier-two service may give your news release less authority or legitimacy.


3. Quality control: Some tier-two services may have less stringent quality control measures than tier-one services, leading to lower-quality news releases distributed alongside yours and causing journalists to look to tier-one services instead.


Tier-two commercial press release wire services are a cost-effective option that opens doors to niche audiences and creates an online footprint for your company’s news. However, companies should also consider the potential drawbacks, such as less visibility and credibility, before choosing a tier-two service. 


Regardless of using a tier-one or -two service, your company shouldn’t post a news release to a wire service daily. To maintain credibility and relevance, consider the specific needs and goals of the company before selecting a service and sending in your company’s press release. 


To get started, use Axia’s MediaReach service to guarantee media syndication of your press release. We’ll post your news or press release nationally to thousands of newsroom editorial systems in the U.S.


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