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What do small businesses spend on PR?

When you combine smart spending with strategic planning, your company wins

In 1971, two teachers and a writer in Seattle opened a shop to sell coffee, teas and spices for customers to take home and brew on their own. That was the birth of Starbucks. Facebook began in a dorm room and was only meant to be a method of communicating between Harvard University students. Every business starts small, but thinking big can bring you incredible success. Sometimes, all it takes is the right mix of bold courage, hard work and good public relations.

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5 Things big companies know about PR that small businesses can learn from them

Don’t just get bigger, get better.

In almost every small business, there is a big company yearning to break free. Even if you’re not actively seeking to significantly grow your company and are happy exactly where you are now, you surely wouldn’t turn down a few more customers and some more profits.

Sir Isaac Newton advocated standing on the shoulders of giants to get bigger. We suggest that you merely try to see the world from their vantage point and not be afraid to think big. No matter how big you are – or wish to become – you can look at how big companies handle their PR and discover ways that you can tailor their methods to fit your needs and increase your profitability.

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