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4 unique ways to increase your company’s visibility

How to grow your customer base

We live in a competitive world. Most companies work hard to stand out, generate leads, and convert their followers into customers. Your target audience needs to know about your company in order to interact with you. Increasing your company’s visibility should be the key driver behind your company’s marketing strategy.

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3 easy tips for writing the best blog post ever

How to get more leads and increase conversion through blogging

Blogging is one of the best ways to attract more traffic to your website. Creating interesting, useful blog posts has become a part of any successful content marketing strategy. Why? When you write new blog posts, you update your company’s website.

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Topics: SEO, Blog, Owned media

A true story about the importance of SEO

How one of our clients learned the hard way about search engine optimization

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the process of generating visitors or traffic to a website from free or organic search results on search engines. When someone types a word or a phrase into a search engine, such as Google, that search engine delivers relevant content from its engine, which crawls the web for content that is relative to the keywords you just typed. According to HubSpot, 75 percent of people never scroll past the first page of search engine results, making it imperative for your company’s website to appear high on the first page of a search engine’s page results (SEPR).

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6 tips for writing a great headline

Learn how to write headlines that will attract more readers

“Titles are what sell the content.” – HubSpot

What makes you want to read an article? A title that catches your attention, right? Apply that same approach to writing your headlines. Below are tips to help you attract more readers and, in time, gain more customers through better headlines.

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Use Google to verify a PR firm’s capabilities

How you can properly vet a company before doing business with them

We were in the final in-person pitch with a prospective client. The client was a tech company that had developed a negative reputation online for its fast-paced growth because it had hurt some feelings along the way. While the company earned this reputation, the managers saw the errors of their ways and wanted to get a better handle on the company’s reputation after improving its operations and culture.

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Topics: SEO, Investment, Measurement, Earned media

3 ways to step up your SEO game

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a controversial topic for many marketers. With Google often changing its algorithms, some companies doubt whether SEO should remain an important part of their online marketing efforts. Google strives to bring the best search results to its users based on how people interact with content. By incorporating these techniques, you can optimize your company’s marketing endeavors.

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Topics: Public Relations, Featured, SEO, Online Public Relations

Are your inbound marketing practices ethical?

Use PR to get it right

You have optimized your website with strong calls to action and landing pages, you blog and are active on social media and send well-crafted emails. Yes, your inbound marketing practices are in full swing. But, are you using them ethically?

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Topics: Public Relations, Featured, SEO, Content Management

How to get more traffic to your website using your content

The seven-step ultimate guide

Driving traffic is one of the key goals of any social media strategy. Businesses strive to attract more people to their websites in order to increase their client databases. To do that, you must produce high-quality content. Valuable content also increases your visibility on search engines.

Here are seven key ways you can use your content to drive traffic to your website.

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Topics: Public Relations, Featured, SEO, Content Management, Shared Media

3 ways Google’s changes to Google+ will affect your PR plan

Google has changed the SEO and social media game again, so you’ll need to change with it

Google recently announced a major change in how it handles Google+ for businesses. Most of the features a Google+ profile had before, such as phone numbers, reviews, operating insights and page insights, can now be found on the Google Maps profile. This update affects how a company should manage its SEO and prioritize its Google profiles.

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3 ways PR will solve your company’s top strategic risks in 2014

According to research conducted by Protiviti and North Carolina State University’s ERM Initiative in a recent report entitled “Executive Perspectives on Top Risks for 2014” (pg. 5), there are eight top strategic risks for 2014:

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