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How to use Google Autocomplete for higher search authority

By Lindsey Chastain

Strategically optimize for autocomplete to boost your website traffic and convert more leads online.


A computer with a search engine on it.Google's autocomplete search predictions operate like free advertising space on the world's most popular search engine. When relevant keyword phrases pop up in the user’s search, companies receive prime visibility to countless people. For any organization, a high ranking in autocomplete results can be transformational, funneling customers straight to your website. 


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Cracking Google's autocomplete algorithm requires strategic optimization across multiple fronts to convince the search engine your website deserves authority for coveted searches. That’s why our team of experts has developed advanced autocomplete SEO to help your company stand out in customized search results. 


Let's explore what autocomplete is, where these predictions come from, and how your company can leverage them.


What is Google Autocomplete?

When typing a query in Google's search bar, you'll notice predictive suggestions called autocomplete predictions. Based on an algorithm, these predictions are Google's generated recommendations based on what others have searched.


For example, if you type "plumbing companies..." Google may show suggestions like "plumbing companies near me" and "plumbing companies [your brand name]." This aims to streamline the search process based on common and trending lookups.


Where do autocomplete predictions come from?

Google's continually updated algorithm looks at search trends, popularity, and user data to generate predictive suggestions. The most frequently searched phrases for a given term will load first.


Google does not publicly disclose its exact methodology but emphasizes Autocomplete is based on what users are actively searching for in real time, not just historical data. The suggestions aim to reflect current consumer interests and needs. 


Google's autocomplete search predictions are prime real estate, especially for companies with a growth mindset and who want their company to appear in these searches, but ranking here with SEO takes unique SEO tactics. The autocomplete box only displays the top suggestions users are searching for, so visibility is limited.


How can your company leverage autocomplete?

Your brand can earn a spot by optimizing to target relevant autocomplete phrases. For example, after optimizing for autocomplete, if a person is searching for “best franchise investment opportunities,” the autocomplete search results could predictively show your organization next.


Earning a spot in Google's coveted autocomplete suggestions takes effort but pays dividends by having your company directly populated by Google Autocomplete.


Use our autocomplete SEO system to maximize your company’s authority online.

We employ an integrated autocomplete optimization system to growth hack search for your company. This includes:


  • Precision Keyword Research 

We dig into search intent data to discover the precise long-tail keyphrases potential customers use when searching for local businesses like yours. High-volume, geo-modified searches are identified to target through Autocomplete.


  • Schema Markup 

We implement schema markup on business directories to tell Google and other search engines your industry and locations. This gives you an additional advantage for geo-modified autocomplete terms.


  • Link Building

Our outreach secures backlinks from other site with anchor text optimized for your autocomplete keywords. This builds authority to rank for those searches.


  • Ongoing Maintenance

We continuously monitor your autocomplete presence and Google Trends data, tweaking your optimization plan to maintain dominance.


With this comprehensive autocomplete SEO approach, we can make your company a highly visible staple in the custom searches of potential consumers.


With advanced SEO guidance tailored for your niche and geography, you can gain an instant visibility boost and long-term growth. Contact our autocomplete optimization experts to learn how to start dominating the search engines that matter most to your company.


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