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Autocomplete SEO, search box suggestion optimization

Leverage Google, YouTube, and Bing's suggestions to capture 71% of the traffic.


Imagine having near-exclusive access to 71% of the search engine traffic for your company’s most desired keywords. From Bing to YouTube and Google, our team knows how to influence search engines’ autocomplete predictions called “search predictions” (formerly suggestions) to drive more traffic to your website.

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This service is 100% guaranteed. Once you pay your initial one-time reservation fee, you don't pay again until you rank.

Axia's team began digital marketing in 1994 and search engine optimization in 1998. Today, digital content remains our specialty, and by working in content marketing for more than two decades, we’ve uncovered the newest and most powerful search engine optimization technique: Autocomplete – a unique feature of our company.


When a web searcher sees your company name suggested in the search box of the search engine’s prediction results, they will have a higher confidence level as a first impression of your organization. In addition, they'll click on that suggestion 71% of the time, according to Google.


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According to Google, "Autocomplete predictions reflect real searches done on Google. "To determine what predictions to show, [Google’s] systems look for common queries that match what someone starts to enter into the search box but also consider:

  • "The language of the query
  • The location a query is coming from
  • Trending interest in a query
  • Your past searches."

"These factors allow autocomplete to show the most helpful predictions unique to a particular location or time, such as trending topics.


“In addition to full search predictions, Autocomplete may also predict individual words and phrases that are based on both real searches as well as word patterns found across the web.”


how autoprediction works


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See the results for yourself.

Start typing the keywords below and see what happens as the search engine predicts your search with Autocomplete as the following organizations use this technique:

  1. Christini's Ristorante Italiano
    Christini's Ristorante Italiano, who hired us for public relations work, is using this technique as the only brand name that appears as a search box prediction as you start typing "fine dining Orlando" on Bing, YouTube, and Google.

An example of using Autocomplete for SEO purposes.

  1. Walmart

    On Bing, you'll see Walmart is experimenting with the Autocomplete search engine optimization technique (in Target's backyard!). Try it by entering "groceries Minneapolis" in the Bing search box, and Walmart store 2154 immediately appears as a predictive suggestion. (Walmart is actively using this SEO technique then you should have confidence in this white hat SEO technique.)

An example of using Autocomplete for SEO purposes.

  1. Attorney Michael O. Smith

    Michael O. Smith, a Boston personal injury attorney, dominates Google's autocomplete search box prediction when searching for a personal injury attorney.

Attorney Michael O. Smith


Want to see more? Help yourself to see the sample results and user experience firsthand. 


On YouTube, begin typing:

  • Fresno plumbers
  • Junk removal San Diego
  • Plumbers San Diego
  • Weight loss Los Angeles
  • Sedation dentist St. Paul

You will then see the company name firsthand, live and in action. 


Try typing "Los Angeles plumbing" on Google and Bing to see the results yourself:



An example of using Autocomplete for SEO purposes.


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FAQ: Search engine box autocomplete prediction optimization


Do you guarantee results?

100%, yes! Results are guaranteed. After we receive your initial reservation fee, you only pay us when you're ranking in the search box prediction. So there's no risk! If you don’t rank, you don’t pay.


What are Google autocomplete search predictions?

These are dropdown results search engines automatically suggest when predicting what a user begins to type in a search engine query. This search box optimization technique allows your organization to position itself as an authority, outsmart your competition, and gain more search engine traffic. This was previously known as Google Suggest or search engine suggestions.


What do I need to know?

You need to know two terms: keyword phrase and tag phrase. Your selected keyword is the “keyword phrase” a user starts to type. It typically includes a description of your product and services, perhaps a city, industry, or other description followed by your “tag phrase,” which is usually your brand or organization's name. Your tag phrase appears after the selected keyword phrase (e.g. dental practice in Pittsburgh Aspen Dental whereas dental practice is the keyword phrase and Aspen Dental is the tag phrase).


How much does this service cost?

The investment varies based on which keyword phrases and search engines you select. We quote your selected keyword phrase based on its monthly search volume which is often also an indicator of its level of SEO competition and difficulty. We use a third-party tool called keywordtool.io to identify search terms and monthly search volume. Depending on monthly search volume, the pricing ranges. For example:


   • A national company spends $35K/mo for a keyword with 700K monthly searches.


   • A local company with a keyword phrase under 5K searches/month invests $414/mo per keyword phrase per search engine – our smallest engagement.


   • A national company with a national keyword phrase under 1K searches/month invests $414/mo per keyword phrase per search engine – our smallest engagement.


Will this service increase my business?

Google states that 71% of all users engage in its autocomplete search predictions. When a user looks for your company’s product or service and sees the search engines predict your company name as a suggestion in the autocomplete suggestion field, it increases their confidence in your company’s brand. Consumers are more likely to click when confident in your brand. Therefore, our clients experience an immediate spike in site traffic, domain authority, and inbound leads from this service.


Do you use any black or gray hat methods to achieve those results?

No. Google, Bing, and YouTube look at trends to influence search predictions. Our process uses the power of public relations and social proof to gain authority for your website. If we used black or gray hat methods, this technique wouldn't work. We create and build social influences to develop more online visibility. We use these public relations and white hat search engine optimization techniques to meet Google, Bing, and YouTube’s algorithm criteria for determining what to suggest in the autocomplete prediction.


What’s the process?

It’s a three-step process:

  1. Pick the keywords your customers type to find your company’s products and services.

  2. When someone types in the keyword phrase, they will see your company name (tag phrase) predicted as a search suggestion after that keyword phrase.

  3. Save money on your pay-per-click campaigns by having customers find you directly.

I only want to rank on Google. Do I have to use Bing and YouTube?

Based on our experience, this process only works with Google after your keyword predicts on Bing or YouTube. So we must start there.


An example of using Autocomplete for SEO purposes.


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What’s the best keyword phrase I should use?

We recommend selecting a proven keyword your organization will value for many years. If you need help determining which keywords are best for your company, we charge a one-time $1,000 consultation fee to help you with this.


How long can my keyword phrase and tag phrase be?

Your selected keyword and tag phrase must be 45 or fewer characters.


Do we have exclusive access to our selected autocomplete keyword phrase, or do you offer the same keywords to our competitors?

Once you’ve hired us to optimize a keyword phrase in the search box autocomplete, that phrase is no longer available from us to other organizations, including your competitors, for the duration of our business relationship.


Does this autocomplete feature provide our company with strong leads?

Yes. Customers use search engines like Google, Bing, and YouTube because they have a need or want. When they begin their search, they are a prospect. When they see the suggested search prediction content, including your company name, they’ll likely click on the autocomplete suggestion.

Upon clicking, most predicted results they see will be on the search engine results page (SERP) and likely feature your company and its listings. (Of course, sponsored, pay-for-click, or Google Guaranteed content might display within these SERPs.) Once they click on your content, they’re now shopping for your company and might eventually become a registered lead by completing a form or become a registered customer by purchasing directly from your site. 


Will we still need to invest in pay-per-click or Google AdWords?

After you’re enjoying targeted traffic from the autocomplete search box prediction and suggestion, you might want to continue traditional PPC to access the other 30% of consumers who don’t engage with Autocomplete’s suggested feature. It’s up to you to assess and evaluate the traffic and conversions. 


Will we still need to do search engine optimization?

We’d highly recommend continuing your current SEO efforts. However, it’s not required, and we’d be happy to explore taking over your SEO or integrating that scope of work and corresponding investment into our Autocomplete service.


Do you track results?

Yes. Although we cannot track your phone calls or in-person visits, we can show you how to track increased traffic to your website and produce regular reports demonstrating additional traffic and value we’re driving to your company’s website(s).


How long does it take to see my company in Bing, YouTube, and Google’s predictive autocomplete?

The time it takes can vary depending on the competitiveness of your selected keyword phrase. Generally, we expect your selected keyword phrases to be suggested on Bing searches within 60 to 75 days, on YouTube within three to four months, and on Google within five to eight months.


For local search phrases and lower monthly search volume keywords (under 5K), it takes approximately two to three months for Bing, three to four months for YouTube, and seven to eight months for Google. National and high traffic search terms (15K+ MSV), on the other hand, takes approximately three to five months for Bing, four to six months for YouTube, and nine to 10 months for Google.


Aside from the reservation or any optional consulting fees, you don’t pay us for this service until you’re ranked as an autocomplete suggestion in the selected search engine’s search box results.


Do I have to pay a monthly fee while waiting to appear within the search box autocomplete?

No. Unlike other search engine optimization companies, you don’t pay any monthly fee until your search term appears in the autosuggest of the search box. We have a four-step investment process:

  1. Consultation and Quote
    To quote you for this service, we need to know your desired keyword phrase(s) and preferred organization name(s) (tag phrase) to appear after the keyword phrase. If you need help identifying the best keywords, you may pay a one-time nonrefundable initial $1,000 consulting and quotation fee to identify and quote the best keyword search terms.
  1. Reservation
    If you wish to proceed, you pay a one-time reservation fee quoted based on search volume to reserve each search term on each search platform.
  1. Success Bonus
    You don’t pay us again until you start ranking on Bing, YouTube, and/or Google. Once you start ranking, you pay a one-time success bonus equal to the initial reservation fee for each keyword phrase and platform (Bing, YouTube, and/or Google) we quoted you in step one and then you only pay a monthly management fee for each keyword and platform (based on the quote we provided in step one) to keep your spot in Autocomplete.

What’s our role and responsibility in this endeavor?

That’s simple.

  1. Be responsive.
    Provide timely responses to our communications, requests, and invoices.
  1. Trust the process.
    Once you reserve your keywords, we get to work immediately. Like all good things, seeing benefits will take some time. While we complete our proprietary process, set your calendar ahead to 60 to 75 days for Bing, three to four months for YouTube, and within five to eight months for Google.
  1. Do some homework.
    If we’re not currently managing your social media and search engine optimization, we’ll have a few tasks for you to complete. This includes optimizing your business listings, social media business pages, and directory listings. Most likely, you’ve already completed these activities. If not, we’ll direct you.

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Search Box Autocomplete vs. Pay-Per-Click


Search Box Autocomplete (SBA)

  • Fixed monthly investment
  • Dominates competitors
  • Compatible with current website
  • Consistent results month on month
  • Shuts out competition on the first page of Google, YouTube, and Bing
  • Takes approximately 75-120+ days to be fully operational
  • Will attain up to all 10 organic spots on the first page of Google, YouTube, and Bing
  • Brand awareness for your company in the autocomplete box
  • Exclusive rights to your chosen keywords – no double selling
  • Users perceive higher authority due to autocomplete appearance


  • Can cost thousands of dollars per month just to keep up with your competitors
  • Requires constant changes to optimize your website as well as social media
  • Results can change from day to day
  • Allows consumers to see your competitors on the first results page
  • No appearance in the autocomplete
  • No brand awareness
  • No perception of authority





Be in front of your customers on every search with Google autocomplete predictions.

Autocomplete is a unique marketing platform none of your competitors will have.

  1. Gain new customers and bypass your competitors with Google autocomplete predictions.

  2. Be in front of every customer looking for your products and services on Bing, YouTube, and Google.

  3. Have an affordable solution that meets your investment needs.

This opportunity allows you to be in front of:

  • every customer
  • every search
  • every time

Additional advantages:

  1. Gives your company a billboard as the autocomplete prediction authority

  2. Eliminates competition

  3. Simple results tracking

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