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Lindsey Chastain

Recent Posts:

What is social proof, and how is it used in PR?

Harnessing the psychology of social validation.


Social proof refers to the psychological phenomenon where people look to the behavior and actions of others to help guide their own behavior and attitudes.


In public relations, building social proof can be key to driving interest, establishing credibility, and prompting action from target audiences. When it comes to influencing public perception and attitudes, social proof is one of the most potent tools available. 

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Topics: shared media, social media

Proximity and Relevance are the vital filters for impactful news judgement

There are 10 elements of news and newsworthiness, but two outshine the rest.


When it comes to determining whether a story is considered newsworthy, there are many factors journalists and editors evaluate. However, at the core, many argue that newsworthiness ultimately comes down to just two key elements: geography/proximity and subject matter relevance.

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Topics: media relations, earned media, news media

7 tips to maximize media coverage for company awards

The press release will need a compelling narrative to secure valuable press attention.


You did it — your hard work has paid off and your company won a prestigious award! This recognition is an accomplishment worth celebrating, and with some strategic planning you can use the company’s achievement to generate significant buzz and boost reputation. The press release is a powerful tool to achieve this.


Follow these seven tips to craft a compelling press release that will make news outlets excited to cover your achievement. 

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Topics: awards, earned media

7 ways to sharpen your media lists to reach intended audiences

Use these strategies to slice, dice, and personalize your company’s media segments.


Pitching journalists can seem chance-oriented, like throwing spaghetti against a wall to see what sticks. To boost your opportunity for success, you need an organized system for keeping track of media contacts and targeting pitches. The key is to segment your lists into smaller groups with shared interests. Here are smart ways to slice and dice your lists for better pitching results.

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Topics: media relations, earned media, news media

Analyzing media pitches to improve company outreach

Here are the key takeaways, tips, and trends from analyzing media pitches to improve your company’s outreach.


An extensive analysis of over 14 million pitches sent to journalists over the past year reveals several noteworthy trends and best practices that PR professionals should know. By understanding when and how reporters prefer to be pitched, you can refine your own media outreach strategy for greater success. 

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Topics: media relations, earned media, news media

How PR pros are using text replacement tools to save time

Streamline the pitching process and other workflows with smarter tools.


In the fast-paced world of public relations, every second counts. Finding ways to maximize efficiency while maintaining high-quality work is essential, which is why text replacement has emerged as an invaluable time-saving tool for PR pros pitching media.

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Topics: PR tips, copy editing

11 best practices for an effective email subject line

Grab journalists' attention, spark engagement, and get your messages opened with these tips.


Getting the attention of a busy journalist is the first and most crucial step to ensuring your message stands a chance against the competition to earn media coverage. With some strategic planning and tested best practices, you can craft email subject lines that grab attention and get your pitch past the first step. 


Here are 11 tips for writing email subject lines and templates that will ensure your email is opened and read:

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Topics: PR tips, copy editing

Rethinking the role of media relationships in earned media coverage

The right connections will open doors for your company, but the substance remains most crucial in earning media coverage.


It's common for public relations firms to emphasize their close connections with journalists as a top selling point. The idea is that leveraging personal rapport can make it easier to pitch stories and gain coverage for clients. 


However, many experts argue that while relationships matter, their actual influence is limited. Bottomline, reporters decide what to cover based on newsworthiness, which poses an important question: Are strong media relationships vital for earning coverage, or are their power overstated?

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Topics: media relations, earned media, news media

If sales is like dating, so is public relations

Craft better stories and connections through shared interests, listening, and adapting.


The process of sales is commonly compared to the journey of dating. The goals are similar: make a meaningful connection, demonstrate value, and build loyalty to lead to a longer-term relationship. The courtship activities involved in PR outreach parallel these dating rituals. 

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Topics: PR tips

Study: AI is transforming PR: What are the risks and benefits?

Your company can harness the benefits of AI while mitigating risk.


Since the explosive growth of artificial intelligence, AI is already transforming public relations workflows. According to The State of AI in PR, presented by Muck Rack, 61% of PR professionals currently use AI tools or plan to explore them. Companies that invest in PR agency services should understand the opportunities and risks of AI.

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Topics: artificial intelligence

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