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How to use Google Autocomplete for higher search authority

Strategically optimize for autocomplete to boost your website traffic and convert more leads online.


Google's autocomplete search predictions operate like free advertising space on the world's most popular search engine. When relevant keyword phrases pop up in the user’s search, companies receive prime visibility to countless people. For any organization, a high ranking in autocomplete results can be transformational, funneling customers straight to your website. 

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Topics: digital PR, SEO, PR tips

5 ways to automate PR processes for streamlined lead generation

Automation in PR can improve your company’s lead generation process.


PR helps businesses clearly communicate company messages to target audiences, but only effective strategies can ensure businesses cut through competition and establish consumer relationships with increased engagement and sales. With the business-to-consumer relationship as a priority, PR pros can become more efficient with new technology.

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Topics: digital PR, PR tips

Axia’s Autocomplete SEO service helps companies generate more leads

Digital public relations and marketing agency Axia announced its Autocomplete search engine search box suggestion optimization service.

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Topics: digital PR, agency news

How PR pros are using AI today

Understand seven current trends to keep in mind as your company embraces AI.


Artificial intelligence in the workplace has proved itself time and time again, and continues to be a recurring topic in industry discussions. And yet, there are still many questions about the reliability, authenticity and ethics behind AI of using AI, and even how we should even consider using AI in our professional workflows.

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Topics: digital PR, technology

The Future of AI in PR

Here’s how you can use AI to automate tasks in the public relations industry.


Artificial intelligence is more relevant in the field of PR than ever. It’s important for PR pros to be up to date on the latest AI trends so they can use them to their advantage in automating tedious, often mundane tasks. The future of AI in PR will likely assist industry professionals in focusing their attention on more important tasks and responsibilities.


But, how exactly are PR pros going to use AI in the future?

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Topics: digital PR, technology

How might Apple's Vision Pro change PR?

The introduction of VR/AR devices could be a turning point for PR professionals.


Apple has revolutionized personal computing technology over its 42-year history by transforming the daily lives of individuals and companies. The new Apple Vision Pro may be the next innovation to add to Apple’s already impressive resume. 


So, what is the Vision Pro, and why is it better than other virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR) devices? Can it be a beneficial tool in the hands of PR professionals? To understand the potential of this new device, we must know what sets Vision Pro apart and how it can improve the productivity and outreach of PR professionals.

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Topics: digital PR, PR tips, technology

PR and Privacy

Data privacy is a huge concern for many companies. From TikTok and Facebook facing record-breaking fines to Airbnb admitting its “listening” for parties during big holiday weekends, companies are walking a treacherous road. The future of PR may well hang in the balance.

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How to ethically use AI in public relations

Using AI comes with its own ethical and legal challenges.


As we’ve previously covered, emerging artificial intelligence technologies can be a boon for your company’s public relations content production. With its ability to quickly create content, your company can quickly create useful first drafts for the rest of your team to build upon, among other benefits.


While AI is an effective tool for PR content creation, you can’t use content as-is. Before your company begins using AI-generated content for PR, you need to make sure you have a clear usage policy, a process for when an AI takes content from other sources, and a vision for how to deal with copyrighted materials it might use.

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How Forrester’s 2022 predictions affect strategic communication and PR

Analyzed through the scope of strategic communication, the guide tells brands how to stand out in light of new trends.


As we continue deeper into 2022 and the business landscape continues to change, Forrester Research released its annual predictions, titled “Disruptive Forces Necessitate Bold Decisions,” stating that “the new normal will be more new than it will be normal.” Forrester’s predictions are already evident in business and technology, so what may 2022 have in store for strategic communication and public relations? Below are several of Forrester’s predictions that hold big implications for the industry and provide

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Topics: digital PR, PR tips, online public relations, strategy

Four ways to keep your digital marketing strategy up to date

According to Hubspot, digital marketing helps companies reach larger audiences compared to traditional methods by targeting users who are most likely to buy their product or service. Because digital marketing is a fast-paced world, your digital marketing strategy needs to stay up-to-date. How do you keep up and not to miss out on the most recent trends in digital marketing?


Here are four ways to keep up with the digital marketing industry and improve your digital marketing strategy:

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