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How to use inbound marketing to grow leads and sales

The digital age has changed marketing. Old-school tactics, like cold calling and direct mailing, are no longer effective as a means of increasing sales. Consumers have more control over what advertising they encounter, and most mass marketing campaigns are an exercise in futility. To grow leads and sales, you must attract prospective customers through thoughtful, insightful, informative, and entertaining content. In other words, you need a winning inbound marketing strategy.

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Are media kits dead?

3 ways to bring your media relations efforts back to life with help from PR

Over the years, the business community has reported that many tools and concepts are “dead.” From press releases to polling, people are quick to declare the premature end of something that no longer seems to be working for them. One such device that has suffered this fate is the media kit. Is it really dead – or perhaps just misunderstood and misused?

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Three Tips to Crisis Response When Customers Have Been Offended

They know who we are. They know what we like. They know what we watch, and where we shop. (The companies we buy from, that is). That data in and of itself is be very useful for both companies and consumers. However, OfficeMax’s recent PR blunder demonstrates important lessons in the challenge of maintaining quality control with data, and shows how not to deal with a PR crisis in your organization concerning data.

In light of recent data problems from major companies, let’s get down to the heart of the matter from the angle of PR and responsibility.

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The Haggler’s complaint – Does “PR spam” work?


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The Evolution of Public Relations Over Time

Technology. Social media. Changing attitudes toward communications.

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Social Media’s Impact on PR (It’s Big – Really Big – and So is Reputation Management)

Frankly, online communications are to our message style what TV was to the phonograph; what the sleek crossover has been to the original boxed-out minivan; what the Kindle Nook has been to the 960-page paperback version of Gone With the Wind.

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Remarketing Your PR for Maximum ROI

Great public relations means your company is already enjoying positive coverage in the media. But even if every major media outlet on Earth covered your story not everyone would see it.

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Astroturfing: Online Reputation Management Can Solve the Problem

Somebody’s got some explaining to do.

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Social Media Backlash – It’s About Appropriate Responses

You can’t ignore bad news about your organization; and in fact, it deserves a proper response. Sometimes, even organizational leaders use their social media accounts to respond in the heat of the moment, and instead of putting out fires, they spark new ones.

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Smart PR Meet Social Media – Haven’t We Met Somewhere Before?

by Jason Mudd, APR

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