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The Future of AI in PR

By Bre Chamley

Here’s how you can use AI to automate tasks in the public relations industry.


A circuit board.Artificial intelligence is more relevant in the field of PR than ever. It’s important for PR pros to be up to date on the latest AI trends so they can use them to their advantage in automating tedious, often mundane tasks. The future of AI in PR will likely assist industry professionals in focusing their attention on more important tasks and responsibilities.


But, how exactly are PR pros going to use AI in the future?


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1. Research and list building

According to a survey conducted by Muck Rack, 68% of PR pros would choose to use AI for research and list-building purposes. Using AI for research can give you easy access to information and ideas, which you can expand on to provide the best work to your clients.


2. Monitoring and measuring

Fifty-four percent of PR pros would use AI for monitoring and measuring purposes, according to the survey. This could allow PR pros to eliminate the tedious tasks of monitoring social media or awards.


3. Writing

Muck Rack’s report says 52% of PR pros would use AI for writing, meaning the AI would essentially write a rough draft of a document like a news release or blog post for the PR pro. The PR pro should then edit and rearrange the writing into its final draft. 


Using AI for writing was more popular among survey respondents who worked for brands, with 61% saying they would use AI to write; however, only 49% of PR pros at agencies said they would use AI to write. 


4. Reporting

Thirty-eight percent of PR pros said they would use AI for reporting. AI has a list of many different reporting tools that can assist PR pros in their reporting efforts.


5. Pitching

Thirty-six percent of PR pros say they would use AI for pitching. AI offers features that also help with pitching, such as assistance with writing emails, generating ideas, and other aspects that make pitching more effective.


6. Strategy and planning

Twenty-six percent of PR pros said they would use AI for strategy and planning. The AI feature that can help PR pros save time and money is the automation of the strategic planning process. AI can easily analyze data, establish a list of ideas, evaluate those ideas, and give insight within minutes. 


AI is the tool of the future. As PR professionals, we can utilize many of its features to automate parts of our jobs to be more efficient with our time.


These were just a few ways you can utilize AI features in your future work. If you want to learn more about the latest AI trends, book a one-on-one consultation with us! 


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