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How to (and how we) report on public relations activities, metrics, and results

By Katie Boyles

Our PR firm’s process for reporting public relations campaigns

Our-Reports-Landscape-Logo_v02-01Strategic communication requires consistent evaluation. In order to evaluate, you must have reporting methods, so you know if your audiences are consuming your messages and how your messages have affected your audiences over time. PR professionals frequently use real-time reporting methods, such as dashboards or live monitors, so teams can listen and immediately react, acknowledge, or adapt to their audiences.

Most PR firms and PR departments report as frequently as quarterly. Some report as frequently as monthly. Axia Public Relations reports progress each week, month, quarter, and year, because we know that regular communication assures our clients that we’re actively developing results for them.

Here’s how Axia reports progress to clients.

Axia's Weeklt Activities Reports




Report: Weekly PR Activities Report


Agency point of contact (and potentially his or her manager too)


  • Presented every Friday
  • Typically via email
  • Lists the completed activities for the week
  • Shares the anticipated activities for the following week
  • Activities: Things we do to plan and produce communication
    (Examples include researching, planning, designing, writing, copy editing, reviewing, ideation sessions, and other actions to prepare and complete communication)

Axia's Monthly Metrics Reports




Report: Monthly PR Metrics Report


PR and marketing department leaders


  • Presented at the end of each month
  • Typically via a screen-share session, phone call, or in-person meeting
  • Sent as a PDF, so it’s shareable with other team members
  • Typically includes activities and outputs
  • Outputs: The content, materials, and messages that we distributed publicly, and the extent to which your target audiences received those messages

Axia's Quarterly Results Reports




Report: Quarterly PR Results Report


Head of communications, CMO, and potentially the CEO


  • Delivered at the end of each business quarter
  • Presented in person or via video conference by Axia PR team
  • Presented as PDF, so it’s shareable
  • Includes: outputs, outtakes, and outcomes
  • Outtakes: What audiences do with and gain from your communication
  • Outcomes: Effect that your communication has on audiences

Axia's Annual Executive Reports




Report: Annual PR Executive Report


CMO, CEO, board, investors


  • Delivered at the end of each year or program end date
  • Presented in person or via video conference by Axia PR team
  • Presented as PDF, so it’s shareable
  • Includes: outputs, outtakes, outcomes, and impacts
  • Impacts: The business results that stem from communication

Axia's Campaign or Project Reports


 or Project


Report: Campaign and Projects Reports


Marketing manager, CMO, CEO, board, and investors, depending on campaign’s scope and investment


  • Delivered at the end of the PR campaign
  • Presented in person or via video conference by Axia PR team
  • Sent as PDF, so it’s shareable
  • What’s included is dependent on the campaign’s specific objectives. It may include:
    • Outputs
    • Outtakes
    • Outcomes
    • Impacts

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