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Update your company and product boilerplate summaries

Revise your company’s “About us” summary each year


It’s a new year and time to update your company’s boilerplates to better communicate your brand’s mission and accomplishments. Look at your company’s end-of-year reports from each department, such as sales, HR, and operations. Take time to comb through the numbers and pull figures that show what’s behind your brand. 




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Improve your BBB rating with these 4 easy tips

Bring more customers to your company with a better reputation

Warren Buffett said it best:

A company’s reputation is one of its most important tools online – every website has ratings and feedback sections. Obviously, too many “1-star” reviews on a giant online retailer like Amazon can doom a product. It’s important to remember that while there are many indicators of online reputation, one of the most important consumer indicators may be the Better Business Bureau (BBB). 

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How your company can make the most of Yelp

Instead of fearing the online review site, use it to inspire foresight and increase profits

In some industries, the mere mention of the word Yelp is enough to cause widespread panic. Indeed, online reviews can make or break a business, and Yelp remains one of the most popular review sites. Nevertheless, you don’t need to fear it; you just have to use public relations to maneuver Yelp, and other online review sites like it, to your advantage.

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3 ways to generate authentic feedback online

How online feedback impacts consumer behavior and why it’s critical for sales success

Most likely, you’ve purchased at least one item in your home or office because you saw it on social media. You may have bought gifts for others or shopped for items for yourself based upon Instagram photos or a friend’s glowing Facebook post. Within this purchasing process is an important behavioral evolution.

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5 steps to help you monitor your company’s online reputation

Many companies search for themselves online to ensure they’re ranking well on search engines. In reviewing your company’s positioning in search engine results, you may find that you have an online reputation problem. If there is negative content about your company ranking relatively highly, you’re almost certainly losing business because of it.

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Does your company has an online reputation problem or an online review problem?

Know the difference and get to work improving your online image

Maintaining a positive online image for your company is critical for success. How consumers perceive your brand on the internet determines whether they will be your customers. A positive online image also cultivates mutually beneficial relationships with other companies.

Many people use the terms online reputation and online reviews interchangeably. The two terms actually differ in many ways. Find out if it’s your company’s online reputation or online reviews that are stifling your business growth. 

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Fast-food giant Wendy’s takes on Twitter bully

3 ways your company can deal with internet trolls in 2017 and beyond

Earlier this month, fast-food chain Wendy’s earned numerous headlines because its social media team challenged a heckler on the Twitter playground. Upworthy writer Parker Molloy captured the entire exchange before Wendy’s deleted its comments and the critic, @NHRide (aka Thuggy-D), deleted his Twitter account. It went like this:

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How to find a PR firm that excels in online reputation management

Preserving your image online is paramount to your company’s success

You may never know the true value of your company’s good reputation until you lose it. Your online reputation can be severely compromised by just one disgruntled former employee or dissatisfied customer with a grudge. To ensure your image remains positive, it’s vital to hire a PR firm to handle your online reputation management (ORM). How do you find the right one? Axia Public Relations can help you choose the PR agency that is right for you.

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As Google shifts toward no action, negative online reputations are harder to repair

4 ways to protect your company’s online image

If negative or unfounded reviews or comments from consumers or former employees have marred your company’s reputation, the uphill battle of refuting them is both costly and time-consuming, with little hope of remedy. Hiring defamation lawyers or public relations professionals to repair damaged credibility takes time, and on the internet, information can still remain, especially when review sites or search engine behemoths don’t agree to removal.

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How PR pros can combat the fake news epidemic

3 ways to help your clients prevent the spread of misinformation

In his farewell speech in Chicago, President Barack Obama mentioned the fake news phenomenon as a threat to democracy. “Increasingly,” he said, “we become so secure in our bubbles that we start accepting only information, whether it’s true or not, that fits our opinions, instead of basing our opinions on the evidence that is out there.”

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