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Eight Ways a Construction Company Can Manage Damage to its Reputation

Construction companies are only as good as their last mistake. This applies to their reputation as well. While unfortunate to note, many clients can remember mistakes, and very few can recall successful projects and excellent work done. Most clients also remember mistakes long after they have been addressed.


Clients can be very unforgiving. A bad reputation can undo thousands of hours of hard work. Just like getting contractor insurance to safeguard your construction business, you also need to protect your company’s reputation at all times if you want to stay competitive. 


So how do you manage damage to your construction company’s reputation?


To repair any damage to your construction company’s reputation, you need to create a plan of action. This is important, so any issues are addressed right away before they cause irreparable damage. 

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Digital Marketing Tips To Grow Your Construction Company

Three strategies to earning more consistent leads


Are you happy with the leads your construction company is generating? Is your phone ringing as much as you would like? Are your recent sales contributing significantly to the overall growth of your company? There is no shortage of reasons why your answers may be “no.”


It is highly probable that COVID-19 caused a dramatic drop in your consumer demands as people scramble to adjust to the new normal. However, there’s also another possibility many companies are guilty of: Your digital marketing strategies are not up to par.


Just like investing in construction revenue protection to ensure your company stays protected and profitable, it is also crucial that you invest money in digital marketing if you want to remain competitive and relevant. 

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18 questions a private equity company asked our PR agency about our PR experience for construction companies

A private equity company recently asked our public relations firm 18 questions as they seek a strategic PR partner. We thought their questions were relevant and sharing it might benefit a broader audience like you in better understanding what PR agencies do, what to look for when hiring a PR firm, and how to work well with them.

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11 tips to earn media coverage for your construction company

There’s no time like the present to grow your company’s outreach


Did you know that positive news coverage helps to improve your construction company’s reputation? It also helps to place your company at the forefront of many of your prospective customers’ minds.

Far too often, customers don’t know which company to turn to when they have a construction need because all of them seem the same. Luckily, earned media coverage assists in creating a thought leader and puts your company at the forefront of people’s minds when they need to make a building and construction decision. 

Say you’ve tried to get your company in the news, such as print, online, or broadcast coverage, without luck. We’re here to help!

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How construction industry marketing will evolve after coronavirus – and what you can do to prepare

The rapidly spreading coronavirus (COVID-19) has caused major disruption for a vast number of industries worldwide, including the construction industry. 

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How general contractors and construction firms can benefit from PR

Build on your company’s future and increase profits with the right tools

Is your general contracting company name well known in your industry? Do clients and prospective employees seek out your construction firm over your competitors? Are you using social media and other technologies to their full potential in reaching prospects and increasing sales? If you answered “no” or “I don’t know” to these questions, then your company can benefit from PR.

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