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Digital Marketing Tips To Grow Your Construction Company

By Axia Public Relations

Three strategies to earning more consistent leads


A man hammering down a nail in a construction site.Are you happy with the leads your construction company is generating? Is your phone ringing as much as you would like? Are your recent sales contributing significantly to the overall growth of your company? There is no shortage of reasons why your answers may be “no.”


It is highly probable that COVID-19 caused a dramatic drop in your consumer demands as people scramble to adjust to the new normal. However, there’s also another possibility many companies are guilty of: Your digital marketing strategies are not up to par.


Just like investing in construction revenue protection to ensure your company stays protected and profitable, it is also crucial that you invest money in digital marketing if you want to remain competitive and relevant. 



The importance of having a robust digital marketing strategy cannot be overstated. This might not be common knowledge, but some reports indicate consumers perform more than 1.6 million searches for contractor services each month!


Be a Step Ahead of the Pack: Top Digital Marketing Ideas


Help your construction company grow by keeping in mind the following digital marketing basics.


For starters, ensure your website is powerful, fast, and mobile-friendly.


How important is your website? Contrary to popular belief, it is more than just an online representation of your company. Nowadays, 75% of consumers judge your company’s credibility based on your website alone.


However, that’s not all. Some studies also indicate that a staggering 92% of consumers turn to websites when figuring out the construction company they want to work with.


Below are some of the crucial factors you need to remember when it comes to your website:

  • It has to be fast: The average website visitor expects your web page to load in two seconds or less.

  • It has to be secure: What do 94% of the sites on the first page of Google have in common? They are all HTTPS sites! This is not really surprising as Google already confirmed it prefers HTTPS sites.

  • It has to be functional: Your site should be coded for SEO. In other words, it should have optimized titles, images, and meta tags. 

  • It has to be mobile-friendly: At least 57% of the United States’ online traffic comes from tablets and smartphones. That said, having a mobile-friendly site is no longer optional. It is a must.

  • It has to be user-friendly: If you want to give your visitors a great experience on your site, you need to ensure it is user-friendly. Start by incorporating helpful features like instant chat, testimonials, or click-to-call. Essentially, your goal is to create a compelling experience as they navigate your site.

Secondly, invest in search engine optimization (SEO).


If you have a website but the leads are still not coming in, we recommend you prioritize implementing search engine optimization. More than 93% of online user experiences begin with a search engine. At least 47% of individuals often click on the first three listings they see on the search results page.


Optimizing your local listings and website can often mean the difference between customers calling you or your competitors. When you optimize your website and your local listings for SEO, you can:

  • Effectively define the service area and the target services

  • Reach a massive audience of potential customers

  • Boost the quality of leads from individuals that find your company online

  • Drive leads for certain services through a targeted keyword strategy

When it comes to search engine optimization, it is essential to remember that it is a long-term strategy. Also, with Google changing its algorithms on a consistent basis, seeing results can take time. You also have to keep in mind that you will be up against competitors who might have already established a robust SEO strategy.


Increase the likelihood of ranking well in the search results by focusing on your SEO strategy and consistently tending to it. Also, invest in expert help if you have to. Experts know how to leverage Google’s ranking factors so your site ranks high in search engine results.


Lastly, leverage email marketing.


Email marketing allows you to do two key things: keep in touch with current and previous customers and build and nurture your relationship with new ones. Most companies rely on repeat business, and your company is no exception. 


If you want to generate more sales, email marketing can be one of your most powerful allies. Email marketing can help generate more sales by allowing you to:

  • Keep in constant touch with your prospects and customers

  • Advertise coupons, specials, and exclusive rebates

  • Improve brand awareness

Just how important is email marketing? Some studies indicate that at least 44% of email recipients make a purchase based on a promotional email sent to them. That said, if you want to generate more leads and close more deals with minimal effort and investment, you should include email marketing in your online strategy.


Now, it’s up to you.


For your construction company to thrive in today’s digital world, creating a robust digital marketing strategy is considered a must. Start with the basic digital marketing ideas above and make changes as you go along. Eventually, you will find a strategy that can differentiate you from the rest and take your construction company to the next level.


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