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How construction industry marketing will evolve after coronavirus – and what you can do to prepare

By Aaron Dunn

Prepare for the coronavirus' effects on construction industry marketing.The rapidly spreading coronavirus (COVID-19) has caused major disruption for a vast number of industries worldwide, including the construction industry. 


For construction companies to survive this crisis – and thrive in its aftermath, in-house marketers and PR agencies must change their strategies and be adaptable to new demands. 


These tips will help you prepare for these changes in strategy and ensure success in your marketing efforts.


Providing solutions to industries with urgent needs

As we continue to weather the COVID-19 crisis, companies in the construction industry may receive the call to build unique structures for health care providers, first responders, and other critical industries. Some of the most important work may include:

  • New and enhanced urgent care facilities

  • Free-standing emergency departments

  • Renovations to existing health care facilities

  • More secure senior living facilities

  • Security and national defense structures

  • Temporary structures for housing the homeless

Your company must always be ready to respond to overnight shifts in challenges for a wide range of industries, both immediately and in the years to come. If your company projects confidence, through successful PR and marketing tactics, it will be the first choice for a wide range of clients to address urgent project needs.


How marketers can prepare

Whether you provide marketing for a construction company on the regional or national scale, your marketing tactics must underscore your company’s ability to respond quickly in a crisis. By targeting industries with critical construction needs, like the health care industry, PR firms and in-house marketers can display flexibility and readiness to handle any construction challenges.


You can accomplish this in a number of ways, including:

  • Creating pages on your construction company website devoted to emergency construction

  • Displaying pictures of both finished and current projects centered on rapid response to pandemics and disasters

  • Regularly updating your social media platforms with news related to COVID-19 and other emergent factors that could affect future projects or create a demand for unique projects

  • Utilizing keywords and other SEO tools to attract the attention of companies and individuals with construction needs during crises

Building confidence in the future

If the COVID-19 outbreak has taught us anything, it’s that market conditions can evolve almost overnight. That’s why companies in the construction industry must present themselves as flexible and ready to take on the most challenging of projects.


While such long-term business trends may be difficult to predict with accuracy, they aren’t impossible to foresee. Because construction companies of all shapes and sizes are experienced risk-takers, their marketers must be sure to project confidence and strength under pressure in all aspects of their marketing efforts.


Want to make sure you prepare your construction company for crises? Check out Axia Public Relations’ recent webinar on Managing Your Business in a Crisis.


Crisis Management webinar


aaron dunn headshotAaron Dunn is a content marketing and social media specialist with more than five years in the industry. He primarily works as a copywriter for professional service firms. He earned a Bachelor of Science in political science and contributes regularly to online publications. Aaron has worked for Axia Public Relations since January 2019.

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