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Another look at Snoop Dogg’s masterful marketing head fake for Solo Stove

By Lindsey Chastain

Solo Stove and Snoop Dogg’s $60 million successful partnership proves strategic influencer marketing creates viral moments and quantifiable value.


Smoke.American rap icon Snoop Dogg set the internet ablaze in late November, announcing he was "giving up smoke." Known widely for his love of cannabis, Snoop's statement sent shockwaves across social media. Cannabis company stocks took a hit as investors feared the implications of Snoop's brand moving away from weed. 


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But a few days later, Snoop revealed it had been an orchestrated head fake. Rather than giving up smoking, Snoop partnered with Solo Stove — a company specializing in smokeless fire pits. As Solo Stove's new brand ambassador, Snoop clarified he was giving up smoke from traditional fire pits, not his signature cannabis consumption.  


Snoop's announcement generated valuable viral marketing for Solo Stove worth an estimated $60 million. Solo Brands, the parent company behind Solo Stove, experienced a 14% stock price jump following the reveal. This one-day increase translated to $60 million in new market capitalization for the publicly traded company.


The collaboration that left the Internet up in smoke

The ingenious celebrity partnership allowed Solo Stove to capitalize on Snoop's brand power in the cannabis industry. Despite tricking the media and causing cannabis stocks to stumble, the marketing stunt produced a huge awareness boost for Solo Stove. 


Rather than simply announcing Snoop as a brand ambassador, Solo Stove created intrigue and shock value by letting Snoop tease "giving up smoke." The pivot just a few days later to frame the campaign around Solo Stove's smokeless fire pits caught the media's attention and ignited chatter across social platforms.


Snoop himself has built an empire around cannabis, emerging as both an investor and entrepreneur in the growing industry. His venture capital firm, Casa Verde, has invested over $100 million into cannabis startups. This business portfolio remains intact as Snoop maintains his cannabis brand affiliations while partnering with Solo Stove.  


The true financial impacts for Solo Stove will materialize in the coming months and years through direct-to-consumer sales. However, the short-term stock bump reveals that investors see tremendous early value in the partnership and marketing campaign. Solo Stove gained an influential brand ambassador in Snoop Dogg and likely expanded its consumer reach.


This rare, transparent look at a campaign's viral effects emphasizes the power of strategic influencer marketing. Solo Stove tapped into Snoop's cultural cachet in the cannabis world to spread brand awareness to similar demographics. For other brands, Snoop's successful head fake provides a blueprint for orchestrating viral campaigns by aligning brand images with influencers who can create market-moving moments. The over $60 million in virality value created makes this partnership a huge early win for Solo Stove.


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