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How PR pros are using AI today

By Bre Chamley

Understand seven current trends to keep in mind as your company embraces AI.


A robot hand touching a human hand.Artificial intelligence in the workplace has proved itself time and time again, and continues to be a recurring topic in industry discussions. And yet, there are still many questions about the reliability, authenticity and ethics behind AI of using AI, and even how we should even consider using AI in our professional workflows.




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A Muck Rack survey found that many C-Suite employees and smaller companies are already using AI for many different tasks: idea generation, social media copy, creating outlines, and so much more. AI’s prominence in the PR industry today also remains relevant as over half of PR pros are still concerned about the lack of regulation with AI-generated content and how it will impact emerging PR pros, according to the survey. With the help of the Muck Rack survey, we found 7 ways PR pros are and should be utilizing AI: 


1. To generate pitch ideas

Muck Rack’s survey finds that 57% of PR pros currently use AI to craft pitches. Brands are also more likely to use this AI feature than agencies. AI technology would help with idea generation by providing inspiration for different campaign ideas. It would also help with outlines for said pitches, by creating a short draft with important points that the PR pro can add to or eliminate. 


2. To assist in writing press releases

According to the survey, 48% of PR pros will use AI for writing press releases. Again, AI can help inspire professionals with idea generation for said press releases, and then help develop an outline and/or rough draft to tweak and expand on with your professional expertise. 


3. To assist in writing social media copy

Many use AI to write their social copy to accompany their social media posts, with 48% of PR pros doing so. Some AI platforms have features that allow you to select the type of copy you want to generate. PR pros are taking advantage of the ‘social posts’ feature by feeding the AI algorithm with the type of content they're already producing and a brief description of their desired social media post. 


4. To find unique and useful research

The survey also finds that 44% of PR pros are currently using AI for research purposes. AI helps cut down the time it takes to do research by providing you with the information with a simple question such as, “What’s the history behind the PR industry?” This is also a feature that PR pros aim to use far into the future.


When using this feature of AI, PR pros need to be careful. AI research is not always fact-checked and can contain some misinformation. It’s important to not rely solely on the information you're getting from AI and to always do your own research to fact-check and support an AI-generated point, for example. 


5. To strategize and plan

AI can assist with list-building, research, and outlines, and 25% of PR pros are using it for their strategy and planning to cut out these small monotonous tasks.  


6. To find journalists

According to the survey, 21% of PR pros are also using AI to help them find journalists to connect with and pitch to.


7. Generate images to accompany content 

Lastly, 10% of PR pros are using AI to generate images to accompany their content. If you were to use AI to generate images, you would have to make sure that a disclaimer was provided to the viewers of the content. It’s unethical to completely manipulate/create an image using AI without providing that information to the readers/viewers of your content. However, with appropriate disclaimers this is something your company can take advantage of. 


As PR professionals, we will continue to see the technology of AI adapt and evolve over our time in the industry. As professionals, we should be able to use current and future AI features to help us with our industry work so that we can be more efficient and produce the best content that we can for our clients. 


These are just a few ways you can utilize current AI features. If you want to learn more about AI in the PR industry, book a one-on-one consultation with us!


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