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4 strategies for implementing SEO in your digital marketing measures

By Axia Public Relations

People planning strategies.Hubspot research shows that 75% of internet users don’t look beyond the first page of search results. If you’re not in the top-ranking results, you’ll miss out on valuable web traffic, meaning losing leads and revenue for your company.


You can implement search engine optimization strategies to measure your digital marketing and improve search rankings. A robust SEO strategy can help you to rank more competitively and allow you to drive more web traffic.


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What is an SEO Marketing Strategy?

An SEO marketing strategy is a plan to optimize your website for search engines. Developing, implementing, and maintaining an SEO strategy can help your business to improve its search rankings, lead conversions, and bring in organic web traffic.


When you're developing a custom SEO strategy, focus on these four points to get the best results.


1. Long-tail keywords

If you want your website to rank well in search results, use targeted keywords in your website content. You can add website content, meta titles, descriptions, and more.


Long tail keywords contain three or more keywords. For example, “digital marketing services,” and “digital marketing strategy” are long-tail keywords. You can also use Google Trends to see what users are searching for. Google Trends will show interest over time on a graph. You can also change the region to fit your audience. 


Analyzing trends for your long-tail keywords can help you understand what your target audience is searching for online. In SEO, this is often called search intent. Search intent explains the intention of online search. 


For example, if you want an audience to prefer your print media marketing services over the competitors, you must be easily discoverable on Google over them. With proper trend analysis and search intent, you can determine the long-tail keywords that help audiences find your company over your competitors.


Suppose you are uploading content for your flyer printing service page. In that case add keywords such as, “cheap flyer printing service,” “buy bulk flyers,” “flyers for brand promotions,” etc. To lure traffic, anything that the trending search intent demands should be present on your service page content.


2. User-focused design

User-focused design is one of the most critical elements of your SEO marketing strategy. An increase in dwell time on your website tells Google that your website is relevant to your audience. A user-focused design will keep your target audience engaged on your website longer. 


For example, a product with features but without purpose confuses users and will make it more difficult to navigate. One company that takes this very seriously is Trello.


Trello is a workspace tool that has helped organizations, self-employed individuals and everyone else who wants to manage their workflow. The best thing about this software is the interface that is easy-to-understand and implement.


When your website has a user-focused design, it improves the user experience of a potential customer with your brand, starting from visiting your website to closing the deal with you. Your website should have faster page loading times, organized content, minimalistic formatting, proper fonts, color psychology, and engaging media content.

When you have all of these factors embedded on your website, your audience will probably hold onto your brand for the products or services more than your competitors.


3. Fast-loading website

As per a research verdict by Google, around 53% of the mobile website visitors will abandon the site if the webpage takes a loading time of more than three seconds.


The most important part of your website is the website’s loading time. When users visit your website, they want to access the required information quickly. If your website doesn’t load, users will give up on your website in favor of a faster-loading website. These actions will increase your website bounce rate. A high bounce rate will tell Google rankings that your website doesn’t suit the user’s search query.


4.Quality website content

Quality website content is essential to rank competitively in search results and helps users to understand and learn more about your company.


When creating content, it’s crucial to come up with relevant topics and ideas. Stick to ideas that relate to your industry and use keyword tools. This ensures you’re driving appropriate traffic for your website. 


For content marketing, there are many tools you may see on the internet. One of the most popular tools is Hubspot. Hubspot offers strategies for growth including marketing content by writing in-depth blogs and articles on issues users care about.


At Axia Public Relations, we have years of experience developing SEO marketing strategies that drive results. If you need PR services that work with proper and well-planned digital marketing services, book a no-obligation website consultation today.


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