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Jacob McKimm Jacob McKimm earned an integrated communications degree from Florida State College at Jacksonville in Jacksonville, Fla. Jacob has been with Axia since August 2015. Read Jacob's recent blog posts below.

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Three questions about online content for TV stories featuring your company answered

Clear up some issues that could arise after getting a TV story


Having your company’s story on TV is an exciting time. You’ll be getting a lot more eyes on your company and putting your name out there. However, during the process, there are some questions you might have related to the online version of the story, such as the video not appearing or if they’ll post the story online at all.


At Axia Public Relations, we’ve noticed our clients ask these main questions. To help people navigate the process, we’re answering these questions, so people can go through the news process more smoothly.

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Topics: online public relations, earned media, news media

Our PR agency's documented proven process for earned media coverage

See how a public relations firm does earned media


We’ve previously discussed what earned media is and its role in public relations. However, knowing about earned media is one thing and doing it is another. For someone unfamiliar with this process, it seems almost impossible to know where to begin and how to get through it. However, there is help.


At Axia Public Relations, we’ve developed our own system for earned media that we’d like to share with you. We’ve included a visual chart showing how we do things and an explanation of each step.

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Can your insurance cover the costs of hiring crisis public relations?

Crisis PR is key to a great crisis plan, so make sure your insurance helps you pay for it


When your company is in crisis, you’ll take in many sudden expenses that you’ll have to pay for out of pocket. This can strain budgets that used to be open or push your already tight budget to its limits. One of these expenses includes crisis public relations to manage your reputation in such a trying time. Having insurance help pay for crisis PR is a big help, but can insurance do that?

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Topics: public relations, insurance, crisis communications

Signs you’re working with an ad agency instead of a PR firm

Use these questions to see if you’re working with an ad agency in disguise


You’ve recently started working with a PR agency. Everything looks good; they know what you want and the price is right. However, something seems…off about them now that you’ve established a business relationship. You can’t put your finger on it. They just don’t seem to be the PR firm you were expecting. In fact, they seem to be more of an ad agency. But how can you prove it?

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The overlooked parts of a successful media pitch

These elements can make your pitch soar if used correctly


Pitching a story to the media is a key public relations component. It is almost a specialty onto its own, filled with various pitfalls that can make your pitches fall flat the moment you first start the pitch — that is, if you do them incorrectly.


Although many consider the content of a pitch when developing one, what gets overlooked is time and pitching. Both the time you make a pitch at and how long it takes to make your pitch are vital to a successful pitch. These two factors are some of the key ingredients that can make or break a pitch’s success. 


Use the three tips below to make sure you’re pitching at the right time and have the right length.

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Turn your pitches into stories to get journalists interested in them

Tell stories instead of just stating facts.


Imagine you’ve finally got a good pitch ready to send to the media. You’re well prepared, and now it’s time to get that phone call done. Despite hitting it off with the media contact, your contact ultimately declines to run the story. What happened? You did everything right; you had the main point and some facts to go with it to give context.

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Use news briefs, not releases, when contacting the media for certain stories

When it comes time to give the breakdown of a story in writing, news releases are usually sent. Long and filled with information, they’re viewed as the best ways to get a story to the media. But are they really the best way? Your legal team and, most importantly, reporters don’t like them when they’re for medium or smaller stories. Reporters prefer having information to base their own writing off of instead of simply publishing a news release. If the people actually working with your news releases don’t like them, then what should you do?

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Topics: media relations, news release, non-profit, news media

Two questions you can ask yourself to create effective content

Use these two questions to guide your content-making process


In public relations, content of all kinds is important. Whether it’s videos, written content, or any other kind of information people can consume, content is one of the biggest drivers for public relations. Content helps you stand out from your rivals.


However, you need to be making the right kinds of content to further your public relations goals. Simply making anything isn’t enough. Use the two questions below to see if your content is actually helping your public relations plans.

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Topics: PR tips, content management, social media

3 ways PR pros can create a great experience for reporters and the news media

Use three points to make a pitch that a media professional would love


Pitching stories is one of the key parts to a successful public relations plan. Those that want their stories pitched have the story. However, they need one other key ingredient for success: what the reporters are interested in.


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Topics: media relations, PR tips

Getting back to business as COVID-19 passes

Use these three tips to get back to normal.


This is a story about COVID-19 and its impact on business and PR. Read Media Relations during COVID-19 and four communication actions your company can do during COVID-19 for more information.


The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly slowed down the economy, putting a dent in your company and your public relations plans. However, now that lockdowns are starting to rescind, you need to begin thinking about how your company will get back to business and how your public relations plans will go forward.

As things start to open up again, consider these three points as you plan for things to return to how they used to be.


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