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Jacob McKimm

Jacob McKimm Jacob McKimm earned an integrated communications degree from Florida State College at Jacksonville in Jacksonville, Fla. Jacob has been with Axia since August 2015. Read Jacob's recent blog posts below.

Recent Posts:

Making a positive first impression with your company’s website

A great first impression extends to the internet as well


Making a strong first impression when people see you or your company for the first time is extremely important. It sets how people perceive you, so it’s critical that you make sure a first impression is the best it can be.


Common ways to make a strong first impression can include:

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Topics: online public relations, web design & development

How to stay positive when working in PR

Positivity is an important element for success in the world of public relations.


Public relations is a very stressful job, whether you’re a PR practitioner or someone in a company that works with a PR firm or team. PR professionals and others working in the field face stressors such as:

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Topics: PR tips, crisis communications

Dust off old and unused ideas when designing PR plans

An idea that didn’t fit one campaign can be just right for another


When ideating for public relations, you and the people you’re doing PR with will develop plenty of ideas for a campaign. However, you won’t find a use for all of them. Throwing them into a folder or archive doesn’t mean it’s the end for those ideas, though.

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Topics: PR tips

How learning new things can improve your personal and professional lives

Becoming a lifelong learner can help you in multiple ways


Learning, along with experience, is fundamental to gaining knowledge and being successful as a professional. However, you shouldn’t limit learning to topics related to your career or profession; you should stay willing to learn all kinds of subjects – even things outside what you’re usually interested in – whenever you can. A little learning each day can pay off in both your professional and personal lives. 

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Topics: PR tips

Use work and life experience to increase your knowledge and wisdom

Experience is a great tool for learning beyond what school can teach


As a professional, you should always be soaking up information and learning new things. No matter what you specialize in, learning new information will help you and your company grow and adapt. One great way to learn valuable information is through experience.

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Topics: PR tips

Why using your own service can help you focus your PR on the consumer

Experiencing what customers do can help you put yourself in their shoes


Telling your company’s story and why it matters to your potential customers is a very important part of public relations. However, it’s possible to get so into storytelling that you lose focus on how your story connects to potential customers!


A great way to solve this issue is to put yourself in the customer’s shoes. It sounds simple, but going through the same processes your customers go through can help you understand what makes your product or service shine, thus helping you focus PR efforts on how your company can solve potential customers’ problems and make their lives easier.

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Topics: PR tips, consumer goods, professional services, consumer services

Don’t forget the consumer when doing PR for a new product

Forgetting how your service can help a consumer can cost you when launching a new product


Let’s say your company has made and rolled out a new product. Everything looks great on your end, but people aren’t buying it for some reason. The product is well reviewed by the people buying it, and there aren’t any deficiencies that would draw ire from consumers, so it’s not the product itself causing the lack of sales. You just don’t know what’s causing this.


One big issue that could be causing this problem: In your enthusiasm for developing and marketing, your company forgot to create context for your product to directly tell consumers how it can help them.

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Topics: PR tips, product launch

Why you should take time to disconnect from technology

Breaks from tech can help you recharge and focus on your work.


Today’s technology has been a blessing for productivity – but also a curse in some ways. Connecting to your team and company 24/7 with technology like smartphones means you can easily reach someone and have people reach you, but it also means you can’t disconnect yourself from work, which can lead to issues like decreased creativity.


There is a way to solve this. Smartphones and computers are tools we willingly associate with, so we can put them down at any time, as well. This means you can, and should, occasionally disconnect from technology to help recharge your brain and help you relax.

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Topics: PR tips, technology

3 tips for getting started with social media influencers

Use these tips to create and maintain a positive relationship with influencers.


Social media influencers are becoming important to consumers, and their advice is affecting consumers’ purchasing decisions. According to a 2022 survey, 37% of consumers trust social media influencers more than brands. Reflecting this, Influencer Marketing Hub expected the social media influencer marketing industry to grow to $13.8 billion in 2021 and expects it to hit $16.4 billion in 2022.


The growing influencer market means now’s a great time to start working with an influencer to promote your company’s products or services. However, you’ll need some preparation before you get started in the world of social media influencers.

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Topics: online public relations, shared media, social media

Disclose business relationships when promoting

Disclose business relationships you have with content you’re promoting to stay out of trouble.


The internet is filled with all sorts of ways to advertise groups and companies. From quick social media posts to long-term influencer campaigns, there are many ways to tell the world about a company or service you like. At some point, you might feel like promoting brands and companies you work with. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it’s important that you disclose any business relationships you have with the business or group you’re promoting while doing so.

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Topics: PR tips, ethics, social media

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