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Jacob McKimm Jacob McKimm earned an integrated communications degree from Florida State College at Jacksonville in Jacksonville, Fla. Jacob has been with Axia since August 2015. Read Jacob's recent blog posts below.

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KPIs and goal compensation can be promised parts of PR

Previously, we’ve covered that you cannot guarantee earned media coverage. Anyone that attempts to offer you guaranteed results for public relations, much less guaranteed earned media coverage, is someone you don’t want to work with as a client since there are no guarantees in public relations. But, is there something you, as the client, can offer as a guarantee?

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Can you get guaranteed earned media coverage?

Is it possible to guarantee your story will get covered in earned media?

One key aspect of public relations is getting your story told in the media. This is called earned media, and it’s the one thing everyone wants from public relations plans. However, getting an earned media story is a long process that requires successful pitching, finding the right journalist(s) to pitch to, and allowing them to transform your story into theirs. The reward is well worth it, but the process is difficult.

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Beware of an obsession with media appearances

An addiction to appearing in the media can throw your public relations efforts into disarray.


Everyone loves media appearances. Heck, one of the goals of public relations is to get your company in the media via positive appearances to increase awareness of your company or brand. Getting positive media appearances is never a bad thing, right? Not always.

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The importance of data in public relations

Use data to prove the effectiveness of your public relations work.


Traditionally, some people believe it’s difficult to prove how successful a PR campaign is due to a lack of hard data showing how well the campaign worked. However, times have changed. With modern measurement techniques, PR campaigns now have data to back up claims about how successful a PR campaign was.


Data gathered from a PR campaign is vital to any public relations plan. It shows the proof of value for public relations efforts. Hard data lets you, your clients, and other departments visualize what worked and what didn’t. if someone higher up in your company asks for proof for how effective a PR campaign is, data will give them exactly what they want.

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Three scenarios where scheduled social media content isn’t the best idea

Changing your scheduled content can be best for your online PR plans 


Social media has given unprecedented power for companies to communicate directly with consumers. 


One way to fully take advantage of social media is to use scheduling features to have your content scheduled ahead of time. However, scheduling content ahead of time isn’t a panacea for how your company handles social media. Sometimes, you’ll have to cancel your scheduled content due to various situations that come up or risk immediate problems or missed opportunities. These situations can be either good or bad. 


So what situations should you cancel scheduled social media content for? There are three:

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Dealing with obsolete platforms and links

Make sure your audience sees the best of your company on all platforms.


Content is vital in the world of online public relations, especially since it’s the cornerstone of all online PR efforts. Great content can elevate your company in a way that makes it just as powerful as classic public relations content, such as interviews or being a guest speaker at a major industry conference.


However, you need a place to put content somewhere, and that “somewhere” is platforms. Platforms can be social media websites like Facebook and Instagram or your own site. But trends can change, and platforms that looked like they had potential a few years ago can be dead in the water. This can cause problems, as users will be seeing old and out-of-date content that might not no longer reflect your company’s current views and stances, which can easily damper your online PR.

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Maximize views on social media content by scheduling it

Use scheduling to make your social media content reach the right people at the right time.


Social media is one of the cornerstones of online public relations. Its ability to reach so many people makes it a key component of any online public relations plan, no matter what platforms you intend to use. However, there’s one critical component companies starting their social media plans can overlook: the value of pre-scheduling their social media posts. 


It’s easy to simply post social media content once your team has developed it, but what really works is having content scheduled in a way that’s published at a great time and to have a backlog of content dating back weeks or even months so you’re fully prepared. There are plenty of tools that let you schedule social media content well in advance, both externally and offered by social media platforms.

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Three questions about online content for TV stories featuring your company answered

Clear up some issues that could arise after getting a TV story


Having your company’s story on TV is an exciting time. You’ll be getting a lot more eyes on your company and putting your name out there. However, during the process, there are some questions you might have related to the online version of the story, such as the video not appearing or if they’ll post the story online at all.


At Axia Public Relations, we’ve noticed our clients ask these main questions. To help people navigate the process, we’re answering these questions, so people can go through the news process more smoothly.

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The documented proven process for earned media coverage

Our PR agency created the 18-step process for getting earned media coverage for your company


We’ve previously discussed what earned media is and its role in public relations. However, knowing about earned media is one thing and doing it is another. For someone unfamiliar with this process, it seems almost impossible to know where to begin and how to get through it. However, there is help.


At Axia Public Relations, we’ve developed our own system for earned media that we’d like to share with you. We’ve included a visual chart showing how we do things and an explanation of each step.

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Can your insurance cover the costs of hiring crisis public relations?

Crisis PR is key to a great crisis plan, so make sure your insurance helps you pay for it


When your company is in crisis, you’ll take in many sudden expenses that you’ll have to pay for out of pocket. This can strain budgets that used to be open or push your already tight budget to its limits. One of these expenses includes crisis public relations to manage your reputation in such a trying time. Having insurance help pay for crisis PR is a big help, but can insurance do that?

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