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Jacob McKimm

Jacob McKimm Jacob McKimm earned an integrated communications degree from Florida State College at Jacksonville in Jacksonville, Fla. Jacob has been with Axia since August 2015. Read Jacob's recent blog posts below.

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The basics of a mobile-friendly website

A mobile-friendly website is key for success.


According to Statcounter, 56.5% of all global web traffic is done via mobile devices as of March 2022. This means the majority of people viewing your website are likely doing it via a mobile device. Because of that, you’ll need to make sure to give mobile users the best experience they can on your site. Thankfully, there are ways to make your site mobile-friendly and several ways to check how your website looks on mobile devices, making this less painful than it may seem.

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Topics: web design & development

The value of being punctual

Use punctuality to earn opportunities and build relationships


Being somewhere on time sounds simple, but it has a huge impact. Think of instances where you’ve been punctual in your personal life, such as going to a dinner reservation or a doctor’s visit. By being punctual, you prevented stress that would’ve happened if you were late. Being there on time helped make sure everything went smoothly.


Business is no exception. Punctuality can benefit not only you, but also your client and your relationship with them.

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Topics: PR tips

Dressing right for business

Picking the right outfits for success


One lesson children learn is the value of dressing to impress. After all, what you wear can say a lot about you, so it’s important you give a strong first impression with a thoughtful outfit when it matters.


As adults, it’s even more important. What you wear can make or break business-related matters. The right outfit can be the tipping point that gets your company a new customer or contract. Because of this, staying conscious about what you wear to business-related functions is important.

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Topics: PR tips

The fundamentals of testimonials and how they can help you

Testimonials can help sell your company’s services and goods


In today’s crowded world, it’s important that your company boasts how you’ve helped solve others’ problems and how its unique value proposition has been a benefit to others. This shows people why they should employ your company’s services or products over your competitors’. You can do this with a strong portfolio, but there’s another way to demonstrate value: testimonials.

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Topics: PR tips, shared media, owned media

Foundations of a strong portfolio

Develop a powerful portfolio to show your company’s value


Your portfolio is your company’s way of telling the world your services are proven to solve your customers’ needs. However, it’s easy to think creating a portfolio is simply gathering high-profile client results on one page to dazzle and impress potential customers. There’s more to your portfolio than making a fancy first impression.

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Topics: online public relations, web design & development

How Canva can help you create graphics for your company

Start making fresh, custom graphics with Canva


High-quality graphics are vital for your website. However, creating them isn’t easy; you’ll usually need dedicated graphic designers, and once the graphics are made, you’ll have to share the raw file within your company, ensure people in your company have dedicated graphic editors installed, and be sure they know how to use them. What if there was a simpler way to make your own custom graphics and share them?


There is, and it’s called Canva.

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Topics: shared media, web design & development, social media

Why using high-quality graphical content for your website is important

Use the right graphics to help your company’s public relations


Graphics are core to how your company presents itself to the rest of the world. They not only let you show off your company’s products, but they’re also essential for creating the image you want to broadcast and for helping engage users on your company’s website or social media outlets. 


It can be tempting to skimp on graphics and use low-quality ones to save some money, but you need to use high-quality images to give the best impression of you and your company. Low-quality graphics that look like they came from the early 2000s might’ve worked back then, but in a world of crisp and high-resolution graphics, you’ll look bad.

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Topics: shared media, web design & development, social media

How you can improve your company with virtual meetings

Virtual meetings can be used to improve and expand in your company


The COVID-19 pandemic has encouraged many companies to go partially or fully remote. Because of this, virtual meeting software like Zoom and Microsoft Teams have become some of the hottest products for the business world as companies need ways to set up meetings remotely. But, there’s more you can do with virtual meetings than simply making a remote version of your company’s weekly and monthly meetings; you can also use them to connect better with your team.

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Topics: internal communications

How to reduce the size of your site’s pages

Slim down your site with these tips


Your company’s website is its face on the internet. Therefore, it’s important to ensure that everyone can easily access it. A website with pages that have large file sizes can prevent users from accessing and enjoying your site.

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Topics: web design & development

The importance of sticking with your company’s goals

Avoid changing your company’s goals on a whim


Goals are the cornerstone of your company’s success. A company that doesn’t have any goals, no matter how good your product or service, will be aimless.  


When your company decides on goals to achieve, it’s essential to stick with them. Your company’s goals lay the foundation for your growth plans, and changing them on a whim may impede that growth. Stick with the plan, no matter how good a sudden change to your company’s goals might seem in your head.

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Topics: PR tips, internal communications

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