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How learning new things can improve your personal and professional lives

By Jacob McKimm

Becoming a lifelong learner can help you in multiple ways


Jason Mudd talks about how he is always learning.Learning, along with experience, is fundamental to gaining knowledge and being successful as a professional. However, you shouldn’t limit learning to topics related to your career or profession; you should stay willing to learn all kinds of subjects – even things outside what you’re usually interested in – whenever you can. A little learning each day can pay off in both your professional and personal lives. 


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The value of always learning

Always learning can greatly help your personal success, as it will help you grow both personally and in your career.  Learning even just a tiny new thing can help you improve each day, and those little bits of information can add up over time to give you a foundational knowledge about a subject or field.



When learning, be willing to branch out of your expertise. The things you learn can help secure opportunities you might not otherwise find: Knowing enough about a certain field can help a client in other ways along with your primary expertise. This can also help you form connections based on information you learned on the side.


Besides helping your career, learning is personally enriching. A little bit of learning each day will improve you as a person and can open up doors in your life that otherwise would’ve been closed. Always being on the lookout to learn new information also gets you into a mindset where learning comes natural to you.


Getting extra learning in

Finding ways to learn is easy thanks to the internet and its vast resources. Some ways to learn include:

  • Listening to interesting podcasts in your free time
  • Reading an article or two about a subject that interests you each day or week
  • Investing in a hobby that teaches you new things
  • Watching some TED Talks that pique your curiosity


There are plenty more ways to learn as well. Learn in ways that best fit your schedule and time so you can seamlessly integrate learning into your daily life.


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