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5 things you can learn from the Oscars about public relations

By Lisa Goldsberry

40971601_s.jpgGet some of the same excitement and attention for your own company

The Academy Awards represent Hollywood’s biggest night. It’s a celebration of a year of movies that inspire, entertain, educate and explain the world around us. What you may not realize is that the Oscars also provide public relations lessons your company can use.

  1. Remember timing makes all the difference.

Although they create and release movies throughout the year, studios save their most buzz-worthy films for October through December so they can be fresh in the minds of the voting academy. They also seek media recognition for the film ahead of time, such as a nomination from the New York Film Critics.

For your company’s campaigns, it’s vital to choose dates wisely. Don’t schedule events and programs around holidays (unless your initiative is holiday-themed), someone else’s big event or other special commemorations like 9/11. You must also factor in enough time to generate buzz. A PR firm can help you determine the best dates and understand your buyer personas so you can reach your target audience with the right content and generate interest.

  1. Plan your resources carefully.

When one of the big studios runs an Oscar campaign, it can cost more than $25 million per movie. There are advertisements, screenings, media tours, festivals and more. All this still does not guarantee that the film will actually take home the coveted gold statuette.

In your campaigns, make sure the return on investment is worth it. A great PR agency is always a good value for the money because it can provide the time and effort necessary to do all the legwork, make the right connections and get more opportunities for your company than you could do alone.

  1. Tell your story like a movie.

Movie studios already have a great story behind them when they campaign for an Oscar. An exciting film, interesting lead actors and a big production are all parts of the larger narrative that studios use to create awareness and appeal.

You can also use every weapon in your arsenal to tell your company’s story. People will be most interested in how you got to this point, what drives you to continue and ways your actions will impact their lives; so tell them. Make good use of all the facts surrounding an initiative to attract attention and inspire action.

  1. Prepare a remarkable speech.

Halle Berry and Lupita Nyong’o both gave raw, emotional speeches that moved the crowd to tears. Roberto Benigni made everyone laugh with his exuberance and energy. Then there’s Jack Palance, who performed one-armed pushups during his speech in a demonstration of coolness and masculinity.

No matter who is speaking on behalf of your company, be sure it is memorable. You don’t have to do a backflip like Cuba Gooding Jr., but you should be more prepared than Joe Pesci, who uttered a total of five words. Giving speeches helps you establish thought-leadership in your industry and increases your visibility and name recognition. Your PR firm will help you find the right opportunities and deliver notable speeches.

  1. Remember winning is not always everything.

What do “Taxi Driver,” “Avatar,” “King Kong,” “The Shining” and “It’s a Wonderful Life” all have in common? None took home the Oscar for Best Picture. Still, we consider all of them classic, fantastic winners in their own right with well-known stars like Robert DeNiro, Jack Nicholson and Zoe Saldana giving exceptional performances that stand the test of time.

While it’s great to actually take home an award, don’t discount all the work that your team has done on a campaign just because you didn’t end up on top. Congratulate your team, capitalize on any gains you did make and get ready for the next project. With help from your PR firm, you can get the right tools to measure all of your successes and repackage information that you can use again and again.

Let Axia Public Relations get your company Oscar-ready. We use strategic, creative campaigns to enhance your brand and improve your profitability. For more information, contact us now or download our e-book Maximizing Your Public Relations Investment.

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