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Talking the talk: 3 reasons why media interviews are essential

By Julie Miller

42786200_s.jpgLearn why news releases aren’t enough to truly engage with the media

Your company has equipped itself with a public relations team that does a great job creating written statements. So why do you need to give media interviews if everything you need to convey is in the statement? Here are three reasons why.

1. Sound bites.

In a world where multimedia thrives, a written statement only tells so much of the story. While a statement or news release may pique the interest of reporters, many want more, especially if they are producing video or audio. TV stations, radio stations and even many online outlets want a video or sound bite to go with their coverage.

  1. Authenticity and transparency.

Journalists are privy to how company statements work. They know that PR teams are behind company statements and that every word is chosen carefully to make the company look as good as possible. Through media interviews, companies add a level of transparency to their business, and journalists can add a level of authenticity to their coverage.

  1. Relationship building.

Reporters will forget a statement you emailed them (heck, they may not even see it!), but they’re likely to remember you and your company if you did an interview with them. This helps you build a positive relationship with the media outlet. These relationships may help you secure future interviews and coverage. The media coverage that results also helps you build a relationship with future clients and customers.

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JulieMiller.pngJulie Miller is a marketing and communications professional with more than seven years of experience in the industry. She specializes in technology, digital marketing and communications. Julie has worked for Axia Public Relations since November 2015. Connect with Axia on Twitter @axiapr or tell us what you think in the comments below.


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