Learn Media Relations From The Media: What journalists want you to know before you contact them

Reporters Want News Releases Early, Not Often.

Learn how to get your news releases read, what kind of stories journalists are looking for, and how to find them in your company. Become your favorite reporter’s, blogger’s, and TV news anchor’s go-to expert in your field.

  • A news story has six times the readership and three times the credibility of an advertisement. -Starch Research
  • Nearly nine in 10 (86%) Americans say news coverage is more influential and credible than advertising. -Starch
  • A sale is 89% more likely when news coverage generates positive discussion in advance of the purchase.
  • 1,800 corporate executives say PR is more important than advertising. -American Advertising Federation
  • 71% of business owners say PR is the best investment for their marketing dollars. -Inc. 500