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5 not-so-secret tips for email pitches

A common-sense guide on PR’s best ways to pitch news media via email


Getting your story ideas in front of journalists may seem like the equivalent of trying to open a safe with only one number of the combination. You’ve heard that most journalists prefer to be pitched via email, but your messages still don’t resonate. Maybe you’re doing it all wrong.

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How the PESO model may change the way you think about PR

If you’re not using PR to grow your business, you’ll soon be left behind


It seems like every day we are asked to embrace some new product, idea or way of doing business. Each time, we are promised that if we get on board with the new plan, we will change the world. Some things hold true, such as the microwave, the internet and social media; others, not so much. However, there is now a novel approach to handling public relations and marketing that we believe will stand the test of time.

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Editorial calendars: A PR pro’s best friend

Editorial calendars provide a roadmap for public relations professionals by outlining the content that media outlets will focus on for the entire year. With the right approach, editorial calendars can make a PR professional's job easier and could generate some great feature coverage. Here’s how to make use of editorial calendars.

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10 rules for media pitching success

Get more positive news coverage with help from PR

When it comes to gaining a foothold with journalists, you may feel like everyone else has the key to unlock the door but you. The truth is there are tips and techniques to make it easier. With these 10 rules – and help from public relations – you can increase your chances for attaining news coverage and increasing your visibility.



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How to keep a PR client for a lifetime

8 ways to avoid common pitfalls and maintain a strong relationship

The partnership between a company and its public relations agency is one of the most important connections in business. It is how a company shares messages, increases visibility and builds its brand.

Having to constantly find a new PR agency can be a time-sucking nightmare for a company. It’s better for everyone to develop longstanding, mutually beneficial relationships. Keeping a PR client for a lifetime is not easy, but if everyone works together, it can be done. You just have to know these eight dos and don’ts. 


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PR pros have a new way to connect with reporters

Axia reviews the Upitch app

Building a strong relationship with journalists is a key component of public relations. It ensures you aren’t pitching a story to the wrong person and creates a connection you can leverage for future stories. However, as technology evolves, newsroom staffers continue to get cut and journalists get more and more jaded. This means that making a journalist’s life easier is another key component of PR.

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5 options for when you aren’t ready to talk to the media

What to do if a reporter is contacting your company for a statement and you’re not prepared.

A reporter is calling and emailing asking questions about a recent change in your company. And, you aren’t ready to go public with the information. Perhaps it’s too early to make a statement. What do you do when you aren’t ready to talk to the media? Timing matters when making statements to the news. It is important to consider the immense benefits of good PR and how valuable it can be for your company.

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How to get on Shark Tank

8 tips for a successful pitch

Whether you’re already operating a successful business, you’re a startup or you simply have a fantastic idea and could use some financial backing, the Shark Tank reality show is for you.

Shark Tank, the critically acclaimed business-themed reality show on ABC, has become one of the top reality shows in America. The Sharks – self-made multi-millionaires and billionaires – search to invest in the best businesses and products that America has to offer.

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What do PR firms do?

It seems like every top brand has built an internal public relations staff and retained a PR firm – and before you decide whether you’d benefit from doing the same, it’s important to answer a simple question: What does public relations do for a business?

In general terms, it’s easy to say that a PR team helps manage your messaging and improve the perception of your company and brand. But what does this mean for the way you do business, how you sell and your bottom line?

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Are advertorials unethical?

Learn more about this media relations tool to make the choice that is right for your company

Your company or PR department has been offered what seems like an amazing deal. A newspaper has agreed to publish your story or news…for a fee. What they are offering is called an advertorial. Is this illegal? No, but it may be unethical.

Advertorials are becoming more popular. Companies see them as a way to guarantee placement in a newspaper of their choice. However, purchasing exposure instead of earning it is called advertising, plain and simple. Once you understand more about this tactic and how it compares to true PR work, you can decide what is best for your company and image.

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