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Launch Strategy 

Using its unique, documented, and proven processes, training, and certifications, Axia will provide:‌

  • Strategic Insights (Buy Now)
    An infographic showing the strategic insight funnel.Like a bullseye, your message must be on target to help your critical audiences. We'll identify unique insights from your brand, three to five competitors, and target buyer analysis to create an actionable strategy that breaks through the clutter and impacts the marketplace. Armed with data from Gartner, Forrester, McKinsey, etc., we'll identify where your message lands on the bullseye and compare it to where your competitor's messages land. Ultimately, we'll score those messages and adjust them closer to the buyer's real needs (the true target). $5,000/one-time

  • StoryBrand BrandScript (Buy Now)
    Once we know your critical audience's needs, we'll apply our seven-part storytelling framework to develop a custom, clear, and compelling audience-focused and empathy message that maximizes your brand’s connection with your critical audience(s). $5,000/one-time

  • !D8 & !nnov8, brainstorming session (Buy Now)
    From there, now that we all better understand your audience and we know how to better communicate with them, we'll develop A chart showing how Axia does strategic insights. and present creative ideas to generate awareness. We've studied, borrowed from, and improved on the best brainstorming practices of some of the world's most innovative companies, including Apple, Pixar, Lucas Films, Marvel, and Disney. When we're done, this might be five to 20 ideas presented to you and your team as slides during a live conversation. Some of these ideas you'll love. Some might frighten you. Ultimately, we'll identify recommended ideas that you can implement, we can implement, or we'll find the organization(s) that can if you desire to hire us to explore them. $5,000/one-time

  • Custom 12-month strategic plan (Buy Now)
    From there, once we have these three elements, we'll develop a 12-month custom strategic plan with critical audiences, specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, timely, ethical, and recorded (SMARTER) objectives, key messages, content and activity calendars, key performance indicators, and quarterly evaluation framework. $9,500/one-time

  • MediaMaster, news media spokesperson training (Buy Now)
    In the final stage of this engagement, we'll provide certified news interview media training for one to two expert/company spokesperson(s). We'll quote rates for additional participants by the number of attendees. $5,000/one-time

Timing: Since we present each of these in stages to allow for your input and adjustments, we estimate about 30 to 60 days to complete this engagement, depending on your availability as the client and our agency team's prior commitments.


Investment: $20K/one-time pre-paid


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