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Launch Strategy 


The basics of Axia's launch strategy.

Strategic Insights | StoryBrand BrandScript | Ideation | Strategic Plan | Media Training


When launching a successful public relations program, messaging and strategy might be the most important components. And while our industry colleagues might be quick to jump into the tactics and activities of corporate communications, we highly recommend starting with a solid foundation.


There’s a quote famously attributed to Abe Lincoln: "Give me six hours to chop down a tree, and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” The morale is the importance of preparation, and we couldn’t agree more.


We’ve uniquely developed our five-step process as a launch strategy for any PR, corporate communications, or content marketing program. You are welcome to invest in the entire package at a discounted rate or purchase individual elements at full price. For best results, we recommend taking advantage of all five.


This unique, documented, and proven process sets a solid foundation for your company's PR strategy and messaging. Each of these five steps builds on the previous one, so as we complete each step, we'll present it to you for input and approval. Once we have the necessary feedback and approval, we’ll continue to the next step.


Using our processes, training, and certifications, Axia will provide:‌


Dartboard graphic showing how Axia does strategies. icon 1 1. Strategic Insights ($10,000/one-time: Buy Now)


Like a bullseye, your message must be on target to reach your critical audiences. During our Strategic Insights process, we'll identify unique insights from your brand, three to five competitors, and target buyer analysis. Armed with industry interviews and data from Forrester, Gallup, Gartner, McKinsey, Pew Research Center, MRI-Simmons, Mintel, industry trade media, and more, we'll identify unique issues and concerns your buyers face. We'll compare those findings to where your competitors' messages land to identify the messaging gaps and opportunities. Ultimately, we'll score those messages and adjust them closer to the buyer's real needs (the true target) so your revised messaging lands right on the target. This creates an actionable strategy that breaks through the clutter and impacts the marketplace.



 icon 22. StoryBrand BrandScript ($10,000/one-time: Buy Now)


Graphic showing how StoryBrand BrandScript works.Once we know your critical audience's needs, we'll apply our seven-part storytelling framework to develop a custom, clear, compelling, audience-focused, and empathetic message that builds trust to maximize your brand’s connection with your critical audience(s). We begin by analyzing your consumers and developing a buyer persona. We then take this persona through a story that ends with them purchasing your products or services. This works by establishing a problem your persona needs to solve, guiding them to a solution, providing steps to solve the issue, calling them to do an action, reminding them what they would miss without the product or service, and ultimately leading them to purchase your products or services successfully. 


  icon 33. !D8 & !nnov8 Brainstorming Session ($10,000/one-time: Buy Now)


How Axia does ideation.From our approved Strategic Insights and StoryBrand BrandScript, we understand your audience better and what messages resonate with them. Next, we'll develop and present creative ideas to generate awareness. Since 2016, we've studied, borrowed from, and improved on the best brainstorming practices of some of the world's most innovative companies, including Apple, Disney, Google, Lucas Films, Marvel, and Pixar. When we're done, we present approximately five to 20 ideas to you and your team as slides during a live conversation. Some of these ideas you'll love. Some of these ideas are so expansive they might frighten you. Ultimately, we'll identify recommended ideas you can implement, and we can implement them, or we'll find the organization(s) that can if you desire to hire us to explore it.


 icon 44. Custom 12-month Strategic Plan ($19,000/one-time: Buy Now)


The basics of Axia's launch strategy.Using the approved Strategic Insights, StoryBrand BrandScript, and ideas, we'll develop a 12-month custom strategic plan with critical audiences and personas, specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, timely, ethical, and recorded (SMARTER) objectives, key messages, media contacts and industry influencer lists, content and activity calendars, including done for you (DFY), done with you (DWY), and do it yourself (DIY) recommendations and investment options, key performance indicators, and a quarterly evaluation framework.


  icon 55. MediaMaster, News Media Spokesperson Training ($10,000/one-time: Buy Now)


A spokesperson getting training.In the final stage of the launch strategy, we'll provide news interview media training for up to four company expert spokesperson(s). These individuals will receive a certification for completing a first-class media training program. This unique certification helps your spokesperson stand out from others and gives the media confidence they'll give a successful interview. We'll quote rates for optional travel and any additional participants.


Timing: Since we present each of these in stages to allow for your input and each stage builds from the previous one, we estimate about 30 to 60 days to complete this engagement, depending on your availability as the client and our agency team's prior commitments.


Total Investment: $40K/one-time prepaid


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