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Why Your Company Needs The StoryBrand BrandScript Framework

By Bright Ewuru

The fundamentals of StoryBrand BrandScript Framework.Have you ever wondered why brands with excellent products and services sometimes record poor sales? The answer is simple: poor communication of your brand’s message.


In this post, we’ll discuss a revolutionary marketing tactic that makes optimal use of fundamental elements of human nature to help companies effortlessly get to the core of their brand message. Author Donald Miller developed this marketing framework, inspired by principles of storytelling called the StoryBrand 7 Part Framework. The “main character” of one’s branding and marketing is the customer, not the brand. The brand plays the role of the guide, leading the “main character” to success.


A closer look at the basics of StoryBrand BrandScript Framework.



What is the StoryBrand BrandScript framework?

The StoryBrand framework gives you a BrandScript from a seven-part marketing structure that leverages storytelling and empathy to create a crystal clear message that compels your audience to listen. It focuses on the customer and puts your audience in the center to maximize the brand’s connection.


In this framework, a character with a problem meets a guide who gives them a plan that calls them to action. When the character takes action, they record notable success and avoid failures.


This framework glorifies your customer as the protagonist. Your customer is the star of the story. Your customer has a particular need. Your brand appears as a guide and tells them what to do, usually to buy your product or service, letting them know the pros of doing so as well as the dangers of not.


When the customer makes the purchase, he or she gets the desired result and stays clear of any possible mishaps. 


Why is it important?


1. It establishes trust.

The StoryBrand BrandScript framework does not vaguely place emphasis on your product or service. Instead, it proves how beneficial it can be to potential customers by showing how it can make their lives better. 


2. The BrandScript framework clearly communicates your brand’s worth.

It presents your product or service as the answer to the customer’s concerns. There’s no need for your customers to wonder what the essence of your brand is. They have an issue, and you have the much-needed solution. 


3. It puts your customer first.

Customers do not want to be a mere speck in the dust. They are not concerned about your business either. They are concerned about themselves. Making them the protagonists of your marketing campaigns instills in them a sense of importance and forms a strong connection.


4. Storybranding leverages empathy.

Empathy is a powerful emotion in marketing, and humans are naturally drawn to people who understand them and their pains. The StoryBrand BrandScript framework acknowledges the needs of the customer. 


How does your business benefit from it?


1. Clear communication


With the framework, your business will not struggle with communication clarity. The StoryBrand BrandScript explanatory paragraph and BrandScript one-liner make for clear communication of your company’s importance.


With the framework, your business will not struggle with communication clarity. It creates a clear picture of the challenges your prospects are facing, how you can help them, the success they’ll achieve when they work with you, and the possible dangers lying ahead if they don’t take action. 


2. Increased customer loyalty

Customers are loyal to brands that consider them important and understand their journey. When you effectively present your brand as a guide, prospects and potential customers have no option but to follow you!


3. Greater conversions

The StoryBrand BrandScript framework convinces your customers you’re there to help them. Therefore, they’ll buy your products and pay for your services. Also, they’ll subscribe to your newsletters and engage more with your brand on social media. That’s a win in my book.


How StoryBrand BrandScript Framework works.


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