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What Is The StoryBrand BrandScript One-Liner?

By Bright Ewuru

A man and a woman making an elevator pitch for something.Are you aware that business owners and companies are sometimes unaware of how to properly introduce their brands? When presented with a question of what your company does, it is tempting to blurt out a direct, non-persuasive response.


The challenge with this is it doesn’t strike a note with customers because you might end up looking incompetent.


Thankfully, there is an art and a science to introducing one’s brand. That is the StoryBrand BrandScript one-liner.



Much briefer than the StoryBrand BrandScript explanatory paragraph, the StoryBrand one-liner is a subtle elevator pitch made up of two or three sentences. It’s a concise, fun, clear, and remarkable way to inform prospects of what you do and what they stand to gain from it.


The StoryBrand one-liner explains the driving force behind your company and serves as your sales funnel’s foundation. This is because if people don’t understand what your corporation is all about, they won’t buy from it.


Elements of a StoryBrand One-Liner


A StoryBrand one-liner comprises three elements. These elements are responsible for its effectiveness.


1. The Problem

The function of your StoryBrand one-liner’s problem section is to present a crucial opportunity to connect with your prospects. When the question of what your company does presents itself, tossing out a direct answer might not really move the needle.


This is because it does not effectively hook the audience. However, if you open up with the prospect’s problem, you’ll open a story loop that effortlessly pulls the audience into the conversation. It applies the strategy of the StoryBrand BrandScript framework.


Being hooked by a problem they can relate to, their natural inquisitiveness will keep them longing to know what’s next. 


2. The Solution

Thanks to the problem, you’ve opened up the story loop. It’s time for partial closure.


The solution is the element that throws your company’s business into high relief. To present the solution properly, use words that trigger emotions. These emotions will prompt your prospects to think about getting your product or service.


The solution section is also ripe for you to mention the peculiarities that set your product and services apart from the rest of your competitors. 


3. The Reward

The reward element of the StoryBrand one-liner serves to paint a beautiful picture of the extras awaiting your customers after they use your product or service.


It gives insight into what their life will look like as a direct result of using your brand’s products or services. 


It’s important to mention the reward should not promise what it cannot deliver. Otherwise, customers will leave negative reviews that might damage your company’s reputation. Also, don’t get wild with the rewards. People can sense a sales pitch coming from a mile away.


Having discussed the elements of a StoryBrand one-liner, it’s worth a mention that the one-liner need not be one sentence. It’s usually two or three sentences, but when it’s written down, whether on the company’s site or other marketing materials, it’s on a single line.


Also, clarity is key to avoid confusing your audience. In the words of author Donald Miller, if you confuse, you lose.


To craft a winning StoryBrand one-liner, a BrandScript is a must-have. Contact Axia Public Relations to help you with your StoryBrand BrandScript’s one-liner so you can instantly shoot the essence of your company to customers. 


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