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What Is The StoryBrand BrandScript Explanatory Paragraph?

By Bright Ewuru

A PR strategy meeting.Since we have a good idea of the StoryBrand BrandScript framework, it is imperative to get an idea of the BrandScript in action.


The explanatory paragraph is the BrandScript in a much longer and well-written form. It is a section that’s typically used on a company’s website to provide more information on the company.


The customer, who is the hero, has a natural concern to get an idea of who his guide is. Therefore, the explanatory paragraph for a moment sheds some light on the company by providing more details to the brand story.



This means that the explanatory paragraph is a section that the customer can resort to for the sake of due diligence. Is the guide credible? Is he who he says he is? Can he present a solution to my problems as he claims? The explanatory paragraph answers those questions.


We strongly recommend that corporations write their long-form BrandScript as their explanatory paragraph. The paragraph should commence with the character and their problem. Next, it should introduce the brand as the guide. It is worth a mention that while it tells who you are as a company, the explanatory paragraph should not lose sight of your customer as the center of the story.


Other functions of the StoryBrand BrandScript explanatory paragraph


1. Search Engine Optimization:

The StoryBrand BrandScript explanatory paragraph allows you to throw in the descriptive keywords that you want to rank for on search engines. Since keywords are a major part of on-page SEO, the long-form content makes room for you to add keywords to the page. Consequently, it boosts your SEO efforts.


2. Invites your audience and customers into a story:

The StoryBrand BrandScript explanatory paragraph effectively draws your audience into the story. This is because it involves an application of the StoryBrand framework. It pinpoints your customers and their challenges, then presents your brand and its plan as a solution. It then calls them to action, lays out the benefits of using their product or service  


3. Helps you overcome possible objections:

With the long-form explanatory paragraph, your brand can address and allay the possible fears of your potential customers. Some objections include the cost of the product or service, the difficulty to use it, how long it will take before results are seen, doubts as to the quality and efficacy of the product or service, etc.


4. The ideal length of the StoryBrand BrandScript explanatory paragraph

When drafting the explanatory paragraph, clarity is the target. In the words of Author Donald Miller, if you confuse, you lose. Your goal is to help customers understand.


However, it’s worth noting that clarity does not mean extreme brevity. Neither does it imply wordiness.


The explanatory paragraph should be just one paragraph. This is because it will be easy for your audience to get the message at a glance. It also prevents having too much text on your site or whatever platform you are drafting on.


However, it will not be as brief as the StoryBrand BrandScript one-liner.


If you have more information that you’d like your audience to read, you can include a link for those who might want additional information.


Now that you have a solid idea of what the StoryBrand BrandScript explanatory paragraph is, you don’t have to worry about drafting it. As a public relations firm, Axia PR makes it easy for you to effectively introduce your brand to your customers. You’re welcome to contact us.   


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