Spokesperson Training Services

Spokespeople are the face of your organization; they have a tremendous impact on company sales and credibility. Speaking to the media requires professional training.


Axia's MediaMaster program teaches your spokespeople how to deliver successful presentations and control the direction of news interviews and news coverage at all times. MediaMaster training is a must for newly hired and recently promoted top executives to teach them how to respond in a cool, calm and confident manner. We’ll also provide tips on how to come across as friendly, open and positive. In addition to message delivery, we’ll cover nonverbal communication. After just one day of training, your spokespeople will be able to put it all together, sounding and looking like real pros.


Axia offers training in full-day and half-day sessions, as well as on a quarterly, annually and as-needed basis.

We recommend scheduling MediaMaster training sessions for CEOs, spokespeople and subject matter experts. You may train individually, in pairs or with a large group, which can be an excellent team-building exercise.


Follow-up training sharpens your skills.

After the initial training, Axia recommends that you keep your skills sharp by attending a quarterly MediaMaster program. In addition to brushing up on basics, the quarterly program covers more advanced topics.


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Please contact us toll-free at 888-PR-FIRM-8 (888-773-4768) to learn more and to train your management team.

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