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TikTok: The official search engine for Gen Z?

By Axia Public Relations

Younger audiences are using the social media platform for casual searches, Google reports.


A teenage girl looking at her smart phone.TikTok. We all know of it, but do we know how powerful it actually is, especially for Generation Z? 


The popular app first came in 2016 and has since grown. It’s known for showing you short videos that you’ll like and interact with, d from its search algorithm. But how far has its popularity gone? 


While TikTok isn’t an actual search engine, some people in the younger generation see it as one.


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According to the TBOY Lite podcast, a podcast that “makes today's top stories your business,” Gen Zers are now using TikTok as their preferred search engine, even over Google. Google reported that around 40% of Gen Zers use social media platforms like TikTok as their search engine for casual uses. Like the podcast mentions, that means if you’re under age 24, then you’re more likely to use TikTok to search for where to eat, shop, and visit, rather than Google.


Different generations use different technologies. As the podcast brings to light, millennials prefer to watch Netflix, keep in touch via Instagram and use Google as their search engine, while Gen Zers prefer to watch short TikTok videos, communicate via Snapchat and use TikTok as their search engine.

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