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Why you should put your links in the comment on social media posts

By Bre Chamley

A person holding a smartphone.LinkedIn is a powerful platform to use, especially if you are a business-to-business company. There have been some changes to the professional network platform, along with all the other social networks.


Social media platforms want to keep you within their site. As a result, the algorithm will penalize your posts if you post content with links to external sites. 


Less views mean less engagement. 


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A Hootsuite experiment showed that LinkedIn posts without external links were getting six times more of a reach than those that included external links. This is an issue if you want to direct a consumer to one of your blog posts. There’s one simple way to solve this: Put your external links in the comments section


While this method for including external links may have some obvious downfalls (like forgetting to post the link in the comments and not being able to schedule the post through a social media management platform), it allows companies to provide external links without the algorithm punishing them for it. This could come with some struggles, though – the comments could become overfilled, making the comment with the link hard to find, for example.


Instagram doesn’t let users directly link to external sources through posts or comments, instead making users put their links in their bios. The platform has recently added a feature that allows users to attach external links to story posts.


We don’t know when LinkedIn (or any other social media platform) will change its algorithm again. So, for now, publish those external links in the comments when plausible for optimal engagement! 

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