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7 steps to boost your brand's visibility to generate leads

By Nina Sharpe

Learn how to earn brand recognition and encourage new leads through PR.


A woman looking at a brand's social media profile.Attracting public attention is one thing, but maintaining it — let alone in a positive manner — is another.


To survive in the cut-throat marketing world, brands must understand how to stand out. However, it’s also vital to reach a level of visibility that withstands the test of time, no matter what trends come and go along the way.


Boosting brand visibility has always been a cornerstone of marketing strategy. However, as the global market grows more saturated, this goal becomes increasingly challenging. 


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Fortunately, there are always ways to evolve and adapt. Whether in the electronics, real estate, or fashion industry, enhancing your brand’s visibility and maintaining an engaging identity regardless of external clutter is possible, especially when you focus on PR-driven leads. 


To elevate your brand’s public perception online and in the real world, follow these seven steps:


1. Develop bulletproof SEO strategies.

Paid advertising campaigns are a vital aspect of digital marketing methods, but nothing invites visibility and reach to the party quite like organic SEO does. 


With an ROI ratio of 22:1 or 2,200%, SEO tops just about any online marketing strategy. Therefore, a robust SEO strategy is one of the most effective things you can do to generate organic leads and build a solid, sustainable digital presence for your brand. 


Great SEO strategies start with ample research, specifically regarding keywords. The more you understand what your audience is searching for, the easier it will be to offer them what they’re looking for.  


2. Embrace viral content.

Create and distribute viral-friendly content if you want as many people to see your brand as possible. “Going viral” usually means getting between 1 and 5 million views, but if your brand account has 20,000 followers and you get 80,000 views, you’re entering viral territory. The more shareable the media you upload to your social media accounts, the easier it will be to gather momentum and encourage growth within your brand strategy. 


Consider how consumers will interpret your content when creating a PR media plan for your brand. Is it something they’ll want to share, download, or distribute among friends, family, and colleagues? If not, you aren’t likely to induce much visibility going forward. 


3. Foster a sense of community online.

Community is a powerful force in any environment, and marketing is no exception. Brands need to develop strong relationships with their audience, but what drives this method home is when audience members bond with one another. 


Open up friendly discussions, get people to share stories and experiences (all relative to your brand, of course), and inspire them to connect with your brand and their fellow consumers. 


Fostering community sparks excitement and emotional connection among audiences — and what drives people to create organic growth for your brand. The goal is to uplift your surrounding community so consumers continuously want to talk, share, and engage with your brand. 


4. Experiment with employee advocacy.

Employee advocacy is a social media marketing strategy involving using employees as your company's ambassadors. It’s also one of the most effective drivers of lead generation and organic reach expansion, which makes it a very appealing tactic for any brand that seeks to improve its visibility. 


Employee advocacy programs can be created by providing employees with media training and incentivizing them to upload company content via personal profiles. In exchange, they can benefit from career opportunities and other rewards that make the dynamic mutually beneficial. 


Research shows employee advocacy is not only one of the best ways to improve employee engagement and job satisfaction, but it also has powerful marketing potential in terms of public perception.


5. Prioritize short-form video content. 

By now, it should be no secret or surprise that video content is where it’s at. Apps like TikTok and Instagram, whose algorithms prioritize video content over all other content forms, have proven consumers enjoy short, punchy, and entertaining mini-videos. 


The best part about these platforms is that they appeal to a large demographic, making this content a great option for most industries. Whether used for showcasing a new clothing line, explaining how a product or device works, or as a clever way to generate real estate leads, short-form videos are ideal for marketing and PR.


When you take a PR-friendly, strategic approach to producing and distributing quality short-form videos, you can enhance your capacity for connecting with a much wider pool of consumers within a short period. 


More popular content options for short-form videos include:

  • Product teasers
  • Behind the scenes
  • Educational content
  • How-Tos
  • Brand Challenges
  • Explainer Videos
  • Influencer Ads
  • Video Testimonials
  • User Generated Content (UGC)

To help you make the most of your short-form video marketing, check out our 4 Tips For Requesting Video Testimonials From Your Customers.


6. Partner up with brands that align with your own.

Strong brand partnerships are crucial in this hypercompetitive day and age. By collaborating with like-minded brands whose audience members overlap with your own, you can share a much wider pool of potential customers and leads — all in one go. 


Brand partnerships have plenty to offer both parties involved. Shared resources, enhanced visibility, and improved sales are just a few. Consider reaching out to other brands in your industry or adjacent to it to collaborate on a product, campaign, or service offering that both audiences will be excited about. 


7. Work with influencers.

If you don’t like the idea of too many brand partnerships, there are other options. 


Vapid as they may sometimes be, influencers hold enormous power online. Aligning your brand with them can be a highly effective way to drive leads, generate sales, and stimulate sustainable engagement. 


Plus, influencers have become so widespread there are bound to be a few whose online persona could marry well with your brand identity. Just remember to choose people who share common ground regarding core values, aesthetics, and visions for the future. 


The bottom line 

By implementing these strategies and steps, you can cultivate a stronger, more widely perceived global audience and consistently attract people. Building a brand takes time, creativity, effort, patience, and no short innovation supply. But without visibility, your brand will struggle to meet its marketing and engagement goals, and generating leads will be a challenge. 


The more visible you are, the easier it is to create a sustainable brand strategy that continues to grow over time. By utilizing these steps, any brand can achieve peak visibility and growth. 


Axia Public Relations can help you to boost your brand's visibility. For more information about how we can elevate your PR strategy, contact us today or book a one-on-one consultation.


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