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4 tips for requesting video testimonials from your customers

By Axia Public Relations

Credible video testimonials from your customers can build your brand.


A woman talking to someone on a computer.Video testimonials are significant proof of your brand’s excellent services, encouraging other consumers to trust you. There is nothing like seeing a happy customer and receiving positive feedback from them. 


Yet, companies often take a step back when asking their customers for video testimonials. If you are one of those companies, you’ve landed at the right spot. Here are four ways to ask for video testimonials from your customers:


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  1. Record your own video

If you ask for a video testimonial from your customers, it helps to send them a video first. This personalized way highly strengthens the customer-brand relationship. Doing this also indicates to the customer your requirements – what attire to wear, the setup to have, and the suggested duration of the video.


  1. Show them the value of their feedback

Once your customers are satisfied with your brand service, convey the value of theirpositive reviews. Include short messages saying their product review will help others by directing them to your company’s services.


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  1. Offer to interview them 

At times, video testimonials can’t match the quality of an interview testimonial. When customers are interviewed, they often remain genuine and truthful throughout, and this can help you earn an honest video testimonial for your company. 


  1. Go the extra mile

If your customer denied the idea of a video testimonial, they could be dissatisfied with your service. To combat this issue, you must put in extra effort and satisfy them. Consider offering a complimentary service, some free goodies, or an exclusive deal.

Axia Public Relations can help you make your testimonial game strong! Book a no-obligation consultation call and our dedicated team will be happy to help.


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