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The fundamentals of testimonials and how they can help you

By Jacob McKimm

Testimonials can help sell your company’s services and goods


Jason Mudd talks about how you can use testimonials.In today’s crowded world, it’s important that your company boasts how you’ve helped solve others’ problems and how its unique value proposition has been a benefit to others. This shows people why they should employ your company’s services or products over your competitors’. You can do this with a strong portfolio, but there’s another way to demonstrate value: testimonials.


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The power of testimonials lies in the fact that they come directly from clients and customers. While portfolios are you telling the world about your results, testimonials are clients telling the world about your results, adding authenticity to what you say about your company.


Testimonials are usually seen as written, but they can also come in video format. Showing the person giving the testimonial on video directly adds authenticity to the testimonial, but it requires preparation, time, and a willingness to do so. Tools like Vidyard’s Chrome Extension help simplify the production process if you don’t have the time or budget to hire a professional team to record video testimonials.



How to get testimonials

You need to be proactive to get testimonials. Ways to get testimonials include:

  • Asking the client in the middle of or after a project for one
  • Using software like our own ReviewMaxer to get testimonials from satisfied customers

Sending questions that customers can answer is a great way to receive strong testimonials. If you need help with questions to ask for testimonials, Hubspot has a list of questions you can use to get started.


Where to use testimonials

You can use testimonials for more than just dedicated testimonial pages. You can also use them in:

  • Emails your company sends as a part of the copy or in an element of it, like the footer
  • Case studies
  • Videos to demonstrate what people say about your company or a project’s results
  • A testimonial section on your homepage
  • Social media

The value of testimonials

Testimonials can be a big help in selling your company’s services or products to others. No matter if you use video, text, or both kinds of testimonials, they add a personal touch that shows potential customers how your company helped a client or customer, straight from the satisfied person’s mouth. If you’re not investing in testimonials, start doing so as soon as possible.


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