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Axia Public Relations’ top 10 must-watch On Top of PR episodes from 2022

By On Top of PR

The top episodes from our podcast this year in highlights


The On Top of PR logo.Our podcast, On Top of PR, has hosted many guests who’ve discussed a variety of important topics in the public relations world – it’s been quite the year! This is Axia Public Relations’ recap of our top 10 episodes of 2022 that you need to see! 






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  1. Why the PR industry is a train wreck solocast with Jason Mudd

In this controversial episode, Mudd discusses why he believes the PR industry was born a train wreck – and why it’s still a train wreck! If you want to learn more about the history and current standing of PR, this episode is for you!



  1. What to do if illegal activity occurs in your organization with Jonathan Osborne

While you may never want to think about it, it's possible illegal activity will occur within your organization. This episode sheds some light on what you can do in this situation legally and from a PR standpoint to help preserve your brand’s reputation. If you run or manage any company, this episode will provide you with great insight into what you need to know when an emergency occurs. 



  1. Fanocracy: What is it and what does it mean? With David Meerman Scott

This episode tells you how to build fans of your company. In this act of building fans, you’ll be able to create more customers and grow your company! If you are struggling to build fans of your company, check out this episode!



  1. 14 ways to save money with a PR agency with Jason Mudd

Many people are always looking for ways to save money. This episode discusses ways you can save with your PR agency, whether that be by bundling services or cutting your advertising budget. If your company is looking for ways to save money, this episode provides you with all you need to know about saving money with a PR agency! 



  1. Top 10 advertising and marketing topics to watch for in 2022 with Allison Fitzpatrick

In this episode, Fitzpatrick discusses trending marketing topics to watch for such as NFTs, sponsorships, endorsements, made-in-the-USA claims, and more! Are you interested in learning more about trending topics? Watch this enlightening episode! 



  1. Impostor Syndrome with Kris Kelso

Many people in the public relations industry have suffered from impostor syndrome. This episode enlightens you on what exactly this is and how you can overcome it to better yourself and the PR industry! If you need help building your confidence and excelling in your workplace, check out this episode! 



  1. 4 lessons in empathy from ‘Ted Lasso’ with Mark Mohammadpour

With the recent Netflix hit “Ted Lasso,” Mohammadpour came on to discuss his four takeaways from the series and how they relate to the PR, marketing, and communications industry. If you’re curious on how to make the workplace a more welcoming area, give this episode a listen or watch!



  1. How celebrity partnerships can help your PR with Ric Bachrach

In this unique episode, Bachrach discusses all things celebrity partnerships. If your company is looking to work with celebrities or influencers, this episode is a must! 



  1. Marketing mess to brand success with Scott Miller

This episode shows how you can take average marketing to the next level to gain brand recognition. If you want to learn how to revamp your marketing, check out this episode! 



  1. Embracing the power of “No” and storytelling with Rob Biesenbach

Biesenbach has learned numerous lessons from his corporate communications career – and from his experiences as an actor. This episode discusses the importance of storytelling in your marketing techniques, and the benefits of saying “no” to improve your work-life balance. If you struggle with work-life balance, then this episode is for you!



We had a fantastic year of recording episodes and learning new things! Here’s to the great things you’ve learned, and to the informed and talented guests you’ve met in 2022. More to come in 2023!

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