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5,000 ways to celebrate now that you’ve made it onto the Inc. 5000 list

By Hannah Feran

Inc. 5000Promote your company and its accomplishments

Congratulations on making it to the Inc. 5000 list! Whether your company is No. 1 or No. 5,000, it’s a tremendous honor to receive, and it’s time to spread the word of your company’s achievement. So, where should you start? There are thousands of ways for you to share with employees, customers, and the public that your hard work has paid off. OK, so we may not have 5,000 ideas. However, we do have 25 ways for your company to celebrate, in addition to our original 16 ways to promote your Inc. 5000 honor. Feel free to substitute the number 5,000 with your exact ranking number on the list.

  1. Arrange your staff into the shape of “5,000” for an aerial picture.
  2. Have a blimp fly over your city.
  3. Dunk the CEO in a dunk tank filled with 5,000 balls.
  4. Sponsor a 5K.
  5. Hire a local artist to paint a mural in your office.
  6. Change social media profile pictures to an “Inc. 5000 Top Entrepreneurs” graphic.
  7. Entertain your staff by taking on a physical challenge.
  8. Have the CEO skydive from 5,000 feet.
  9. Hand out sunglasses made into the number 5,000.
  10. Congratulate other Inc. 5000 companies on social media.
  11. Host a scavenger hunt for the community.
  12. Create a social media challenge for the public.
  13. Create a video thanking your customers and employees and post on social media.
  14. Take your staff on a vacation or day trip.
  15. Cater a lunch to thank your employees.
  16. Put $5,000 into a money booth for employees to win.
  17. Have a T-shirt made.
  18. Pay the pet adoption fee for 5,000 people.
  19. Host an internal lottery with a prize of $5,000.
  20. Decorate your company’s office with 5,000 balloons, or four balloons with the numbers “5000.”
  21. Release 5,000 biodegradable paper lanterns.
  22. Ask a local baseball team if your CEO can pitch the first ball.
  23. Go live on Facebook during an office party.
  24. Create a commercial for television thanking your customers.
  25. Donate 5,000 cans of food to a local soup kitchen.

Many companies underestimate the benefits to winning awards. When you win an award or receive an honor, you should always promote it. Promoting awards is one way to use public relations to grow your company. Axia Public Relations offers a complimentary e-book, “Maximizing Your Public Relations Investment,” which provides more ways to optimize the media coverage you receive. Download it today.

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Hannah Feran is a senior at the University of North Florida working toward a Bachelor of  Science in public relations. After graduating, Hannah plans to pursue a career in social media management or event planning.


Featured image credit: Adi Goldstein

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