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Digital is the New Reality for Marketers

By Jason Mudd

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December 2021 – Dynamic Marketing Trends Affecting Your Strategy in 2022


A man showing another man something on a tablet.Enterprise leaders are looking almost exclusively toward digital transformation in the coming years to spearhead marketing and communications. Even for once-fledgling companies, the digital landscape is allowing new opportunities to rise from the ashes. See how Chipotle and others are doing it and the tools you can use to launch your efforts in 2022. 



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  1. How Chipotle is Charting a Turnaround Based on Digital Marketing
  2. Top Three Trends Affecting Marketing & Communications in 2022
  3. 60-Second Close: Take Advantage Of The 2022 Trends Affecting Mid-Market And Enterprise-Level Marketing

1. How Chipotle is Charting a Turnaround Based on Digital Marketing

  • Chiptole CEO, Brian Niccol, was in charge of changing Chiptole’s image after a slew of health scares. He decided to focus his relaunch around a three-prong approach centered on Chipotle’s operations, digital strategy, and marketing. 

  • I also recognized that Chipotle would greatly benefit if it could harness the power of digital,” says Niccol in an HBR article. Redeveloping the app, relaunching the website, switching operations for things like digital orders – digital centricity is at the heart of the Chipotle turnaround.

  • Chipotle’s remarkable turnaround shows us that digital is an ever-changing and dynamic landscape, one which requires marketing leaders to challenge the status quo and embrace a start-up mentality built around innovation.

2. Forbes Names Top Three Trends Affecting Marketing and Communications in 2022

  • Forbes rolls out the top three trends every chief marketing officer (CMO) should know going into 2022 with concerns centering around the “Great Resignation,” the evolution of a CMO's role, and communication strategies surrounding mergers and acquisitions (aka crisis communication for any marketing team).

  • In 2022, marketing leaders will need to be savvier with attracting and retaining top talent, be humble and empathetic leaders, and structure their communications to survive highly-emotional upheavals at the corporate level like mergers and acquisitions.

  • This is going to change marketing with an even greater reliance on news media, social media, and web media. Media is a tool for brands to attract new customers and is best used as part of the overall customer acquisition strategy. If you’re not sure where to start, Axia Public Relations can help you get there.

3. 60-Second Close: Take Advantage Of The 2022 Trends Affecting Mid-Market And Enterprise-Level Marketing

  • To keep up with rapid changes, today’s marketing leaders need to embrace the power of digital media across platforms. Axia takes a holistic approach to building your brand online.

  • From media relations and influencer engagement to lead-converting web content, Axia has been expertly navigating the digital waters since 2002 as a company and as individuals since 1994. Put our team’s experience to work in cultivating deeper relationships with your audience.  

Want to discuss new strategies that can make huge impacts on your brand in 2022? That’s exactly what we do. Just ask me how we can help.

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